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Japan – Why companies are losing the best candidates

19 June 2015

Gone are the days when an employer could adopt a “you should be grateful to work here” approach when looking to hire, according to a survey by Japanese job board GaijinPot.

These days, especially for younger jobseekers and millennials, it’s more about convincing them why they should work for you....

Singapore – Passive jobseekers open to hearing about opportunities from recruiters

18 June 2015

Despite 65% of Singapore’s workforce being passive in their job hunt, more than four-in-five employees are open to hearing about job opportunities from recruiters, according to the Global Talent Trends 2015 survey from LinkedIn, reports humanresourcesonline.net.

However, when it comes to actively seeking...

Japan – Unfairly dismissed workers may soon be able to claim financial compensation

18 June 2015

Unfairly dismissed workers may soon, and for the first time, be entitled to financial compensation, after Japan’s Regulatory Reform Council included the proposal among its 182 recommendations submitted to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, reports the-japan-news.com.

The proposal for a financial compensation...

Australia – Slowest wage growth in 25 years

18 June 2015

Australia has experienced the longest period of low wage growth since the early 1990s recession and, unfortunately, it looks set to continue, reports businessinsider.com.au.

Researchers at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) noted that “the rate of annual wage growth has declined to around the pace...

Korea – Supreme Court rules that independent contractors are employees

18 June 2015

Korea’s Supreme Court has ruled that a group of teachers working as independent contractors should be recognised as employees; and therefore are entitled to compensation for unpaid severance pay and other benefits, reports koreaherald.com.

Chungdahm International, a nationwide chain of English academies...

China – Thousands of unskilled workers at risk from increased automation

17 June 2015

Hundreds of thousands of unskilled workers toiling in factories in southeast China will likely be adversely affected by the Chinese Communist Party’s subsidy scheme for upgrading technology, reports aljazeera.com.

With the expectation of saving billions of dollars in efficiency and labour costs,...

Oman – Demand for expat workers to get a guaranteed minimum wage

17 June 2015

Expat workers in Oman should get a guaranteed minimum wage under revised labour laws, according to General Federation of Oman Trade Union (GFOTU), reports The Times of Oman.

Mohammed Al Khaldi, a board member of GFOTU, said: “At present, there is no mention of minimum wages in the labour law; either...

Nepal – Decision to regulate outflow of labour not well thought out

17 June 2015

The Nepalese government’s decision to charge a maximum fee of NPR 17,000 (USD 164) to send labourers to six countries in the Gulf and Malaysia, though well-intentioned, has many flaws, stakeholders have said, reports ekantipur.com.

They pointed out that without a clear law, better monitoring mechanisms,...

Japan – Recruit’s beauty business acquires French rival

17 June 2015

Wahanda, an online beauty booking website owned by Japanese staffing giant Recruit Holdings (6098: JP), has acquired French online beauty booking website ZenSoon. The acquisition is the latest move in Wahanda’s ambitious European expansion plans.

This marks the second acquisition by Wahanda this month,...

World – More jobseekers expect to find another job within six months

16 June 2015

The Randstad Mobility Index stands at 110 points for Q2 2015, up from 109 in both Q1 2015 and Q2 2014, according to the staffing firm’s quarterly Workmonitor. This indicates that there has been no material change in the global average number of jobseekers who expect to find another job within six months....