Operational Metrics & Best Practices

2016 U.S. Internal Employee Compensation Estimator

January 22, 2016

  • Compensation data from 10,581 staffing professionals
  • Data on base salary, bonus and total cash compensation
  • Data available by job title, experience and other variables

North America Staffing Company Survey: Temporary worker ratios: Resume submittals/interviews & resume submittals/hires

December 15, 2015

  • Median submittals/interview ratio: 3
  • Median submittals/hire ratio: 5
  • Submittals/hires notably higher for professional staffing firms

What's Working in Healthcare Staffing? Insights from Successful Healthcare Staffing Firms

December 14, 2015

  • We interviewed executives at seven successful healthcare staffing firms
  • The six staffing firms for which the information was available grew revenue at a median CAGR of 24%
  • Executives discussed competitive differentiators, growth drivers, and outlook for the industry

North America Staffing Company Survey: Temporary worker assignment lengths & tenure discounts

December 12, 2015

  • Median assignment length: 26 weeks
  • Professional assignments twice as long as commercial
  • 22% of staffing agencies offer a tenure discount

Requests for Proposal (RFPs)—Response rates, hours to complete, & percent successful

December 3, 2015

  • Typical staffing firm respond to about half of RFPs
  • Time-consuming, but responding typically worth it
  • Optimal time to spend on RFPs calculated

Building a multi-country contingent workforce strategy for Asia Pacific

December 2, 2015

  • Hear insights from experts about implementing a CW strategy across Asia
  • Watch the playback on demand, approx 1 hour
  • Download a copy of the presentation as a pdf

Staffing Firm Operational Structures

December 1, 2015

  • Staffing firms vary widely in combining/separating recruiting & sales, temp & perm businesses
  • Most highly satisfied with current structure
  • Larger firms more likely to separate both

Social Media Use, Metrics, & Preferred Venues

December 1, 2015

  • Social media generally of just moderate value to staffing firms
  • But those who track social media metrics get more out of it
  • Staffing firms mostly use social media for recruiting, less so sales

2015 Global Oil & Gas Panel Transcript

November 11, 2015

  • The following is an edited transcript of our panel “Trends and Opportunities in the Engineering and Energy Sector”. It was recorded at Staffing Industry Analysts’ Executive Forum held in March 2015 in Orlando.  It has been edited for brevity and clarity.
  • This transcript should be read... More

2015 Staffing Executive Compensation Analysis

November 6, 2015

  • Total compensation rose by a median 5.9% in 2014 among the two highest-paid executives at a selection of 63 publicly traded staffing firms based in Europe, the US, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.
  • Median total compensation was almost USD 1.07 million in 2014.
  • ManpowerGroup Inc. executive... More