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Saudi Arabia – Labour amnesty results in employment gap

8 July 2013

The struggling Saudi Arabian construction industry has had to rely on short term workers to overcome the chronic shortages in available manpower, according to arabnews. Three companies, comprising 13 recruitment firms in the Kingdom, are to hire out workers on a short-term basis to contractors ne...

World: Executives in demand as CEO optimism improves

5 July 2013

Sustained CEO confidence due to stabilising global economies and growing digitalisation and e-commerce have resulted in an increase in talent acquisition in key sectors, according to the Boyden Executive Outlook.“CEOs and decision makers have only recently gained enough direct confidence to add t...

Latin America – Adecco promotes youth employability

5 July 2013

Crecer + (Grow +) is the name of the joint youth employability programme launched by Adecco and electricity provider Endesa. The purpose of the programme is to support young people at risk of social exclusion in gaining knowledge and soft skills to better enable their integration into working lif...

Hong Kong – Labour force to peak in 2018 then decline

5 July 2013

Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, CY Leung, has warned that the labour force is expected to increase gradually over the next five years, before starting a prolonged decline in 2018. Mr Leung warned that the manner in which the problem is addressed will have implications for Hong Kong’s economic develo...

Vietnam – Demand for skilled workers

5 July 2013

The Hanoi People’s Council intends to draft a resolution to attract educated and skilled workers to work for local governments. Part of the incentive could be salaries up to 20 times the national base level. Educators and instructors producing top level talent will also be rewarded.The local gove...

US – National Holiday

5 July 2013

Please be advised that there will be no news coverage from North America today due to the 4 July Independence Day holiday. Our American office was also closed 5 July.Our normal news coverage of North America will resume later today. 

Japan – Pasona annual results revised

4 July 2013

Japanese recruiter Pasona Group (2168: TYO) revised their previously published annual results on Wednesday showing lower revenue than expected but stronger profitability. In April, the company estimated that operating revenue for the year to the end of May would be JPY 212 billion (USD 2.12 billi...

Japan – S-Pool announces half year results

4 July 2013

Japan-based staffing business S-Pool (2471: HS) reported that its revenue for the six months to the end of May 2013 rose +1.9% to JPY 2.6 billion (USD 25.9 million) from JPY 2.55 billion (USD 25.45 million) compared with their six-month results in the preceding period ending November 2012.Operati...

Philippines – Jobs available in Europe for two million migrants

4 July 2013

There are two million jobs available for migrants in the European Union, said EU Ambassador Guy Ledoux, according to GMA news. Despite record high unemployment and fragile economies, there are still employment opportunities, particularly for overseas Filipino workers (OFW). “While emigration...

Brazil – Skilled worker market booming

4 July 2013

The skilled worker market in Brazil is expected to grow in the next two years, according to a survey by Senai, the National Service for Industrial Apprenticeships. One year after graduating, graduates in technical subjects have experienced a +24% increase in salary.Brazil is expected to need an a...