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Germany - ex-USG CEO becomes President of Orizon Group

14 December 2011

Ron Icke, who left his position as CEO at Dutch staffing giant USG People in September 2009 due to 'differences in opinion about the strategy to be taken', was yesterday appointed as Chairman of the board of Orizon Group, the provider of staffing services, which was formed last year by the merger of...

UK - IDOX adjusted pre-tax profits up +36%

14 December 2011

Revenues were up by +23% from 31.3 million Pounds in 2010 to 38.6 million Pounds in 2011 at IDOX Plc (IDOX:LSE), the provider of software, information & consultancy and recruitment services to the UK public sector and major corporates.

Final results for the year ended 31 October 2011 reveal that EBITDA...

UK - Women ahead of men despite public sector cutbacks

14 December 2011

The recession of 2008-9 is sometimes referred to as a 'mancession' because men were hit relatively hard when it came to jobs. Women accounted for only around a fifth of the fall in employment during the recession and only around a third of the rise in unemployment. But there is a widespread expectation...

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14 December 2011

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Sweden - Staffing industry up +30% y-o-y

13 December 2011

The number of employed persons in the staffing industry has more than doubled since 2002. Last year 52,700 persons were employed in this industry, and this year the industry has increased by +30%. During the same period gross pay in the industry has increased by +18%, according to the latest data released...

Switzerland - 61% of agency staff are highly qualified

13 December 2011

There are 300,000 agency temporary employees in Switzerland. On a full-time equivalent basis, agency staff account for 2% of the working population, according to a new report published by the Swiss Union for Employment Services (Swissstaffing). 

However, in construction, agency temporary employment...

World - European hiring plans strongest in Turkey and Germany

13 December 2011

Job seekers can expect a slower first-quarter hiring pace than in the fourth quarter of 2011 in the majority of the world's labour markets. But while the more subdued employer hiring plans continue to reflect current economic challenges and uncertainty, forecasts do remain in positive territory in 31...

UK - Organisational problems at Royal Mail's in-house staffing agency

13 December 2011

Unemployed people who thought they had secured employment as temporary postal workers in the run-up to Christmas have been turned away from sorting offices due to administrative failures by the Post Office's (Royal Mail) new in-house staffing agency Angard, which is partly managed by Reed, the Guardian...

OECD Countries - Mental health issues rising in the workplace

13 December 2011

Mental illness is a growing problem in society and is increasingly affecting productivity and well-being in the workplace, according to a new report by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD).

Sick on the Job? Myths and Realities about Mental Health at Work says that one in five...

World - Some behave better at office Christmas parties than others

13 December 2011

A poll conducted by Monster, the international job boards operator, shows why it's important not to get too carried away with the mistletoe at the office party as almost one in ten admit to having done something either extremely regrettable and been fired because of it (4%), or have acted in a way that...