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Japan – Hito expands its foreign dispatch business

28 September 2015

Tokyo headquartered Hito-Communications is expanding its foreign sales personnel dispatch business in order to support an increasing number of foreign visitors to Japan.

This summer the company launched a specialised department the "foreign human resources services group" and attracted about...

Australia - Regulating Employee Behaviour Outside of Work

28 September 2015

Employers have the ability to regulate their employees’ behaviour outside of work hours and will increasingly move to exercise this, according to insights shared at a recent roundtable event hosted by executive search firm GRMSearch (GRM).

Glen Bartlett, principal of Bartlett Workplace Lawyers said...

Japan – Opens its borders to maids with the help of Pasona

28 September 2015

A wave of foreign domestic helpers is expected in the coming months as the Japanese government aims to boost the female labour force, particularly because of the country's rapidly aging society and declining birth rate according to Kyodo News.

In early September, the government adopted guidelines for...

World - Staffing Industry Analysts appoints new Research Director

28 September 2015

Staffing Industry Analysts today announced the appointment of Elizabeth Rennie, a senior research professional with over 20 years’ experience in outsourcing, as Research Director. Liz’s primary responsibilities will be the delivery of research for buyers of workforce and talent solutions.

Based in...

Australia – Clarius achieves break-even result following restructure

25 September 2015

Australian recruitment firm Clarius Group (CND: ASX) reported revenue for the year ending 30 June 2015 of AUD 179 million (USD 125.2 million), a decrease of 0.2% compared with AUD 179.4 million (USD 125.4 million) a year ago.

  FY 2015 FY 2014 Change
Revenue AUD 179 million ...

Australia – REFFIND acquires WooBoard

25 September 2015

REFFIND (RFN: ASX), an Australian mobile employee engagement app for smartphones, yesterday announced that it has acquired four-year-old employee peer recognition and reward start-up WooBoard.

WooBoard has 46 clients in Europe, Asia Pacific, and the US, providing REFFIND with immediate entry into the...

India – Recruitment and training platform Capabiliti secures investment

25 September 2015

India’s recruitment sector is continuing to attract investment, following reports that recruitment and training platform Capabiliti has secured INR 26 million (USD 391,831) in funding from angel investors, reports the Economic Times of India.

Capabiliti, founded in October 2014, is a self-service platform...

South Africa – Dawn raids on recruitment firms accused of collusion

25 September 2015

Investigators from South Africa’s Competition Commission this week conducted dawn raids on three recruitment advertising firms accused of colluding to fix prices.

All three firms Human Communications, Kone Staffing Solutions, and JobVest, place job adverts across various media and process applications...

China – Local and multinational firms vying for executive talent

24 September 2015

Competition for executive talent between local and multi-national corporations (MNCs) in China is becoming fiercer, according to executive search firm Russell Reynolds Associates, reports China Daily.

Grace Cheng, Country Manager Greater China for Russell Reynolds, commented: “Since our company came...

Australia – Adecco’s Outsourced HR offerings to reduce legal costs for SMEs

24 September 2015

Adecco Australia has released a range of Outsourced Human Resources (OHR) offerings covering the full spectrum of HR services that are traditionally provided by workplace lawyers. Adecco expects its new offering to reduce dramatically, if not halve, the legal costs incurred by SMEs.

The OHR...