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US – National Holiday

5 July 2013

Please be advised that there will be no news coverage from North America today due to the 4 July Independence Day holiday. Our American office was also closed 5 July.Our normal news coverage of North America will resume later today. 

Japan – Pasona annual results revised

4 July 2013

Japanese recruiter Pasona Group (2168: TYO) revised their previously published annual results on Wednesday showing lower revenue than expected but stronger profitability. In April, the company estimated that operating revenue for the year to the end of May would be JPY 212 billion (USD 2.12 billi...

Japan – S-Pool announces half year results

4 July 2013

Japan-based staffing business S-Pool (2471: HS) reported that its revenue for the six months to the end of May 2013 rose +1.9% to JPY 2.6 billion (USD 25.9 million) from JPY 2.55 billion (USD 25.45 million) compared with their six-month results in the preceding period ending November 2012.Operati...

Philippines – Jobs available in Europe for two million migrants

4 July 2013

There are two million jobs available for migrants in the European Union, said EU Ambassador Guy Ledoux, according to GMA news. Despite record high unemployment and fragile economies, there are still employment opportunities, particularly for overseas Filipino workers (OFW). “While emigration...

Brazil – Skilled worker market booming

4 July 2013

The skilled worker market in Brazil is expected to grow in the next two years, according to a survey by Senai, the National Service for Industrial Apprenticeships. One year after graduating, graduates in technical subjects have experienced a +24% increase in salary.Brazil is expected to need an a...

China – SIA announces largest staffing firms in China

3 July 2013

Staffing Industry Analysts today announced the 2013 list of major staffing firms in China. In contrast with other ‘Largest staffing firm’ research provided by SIA, ranking the various actors in the Chinese staffing market has proven challenging. Our research provides an analysis of staffing firms...

India – New Delhi job market strong but south and west sluggish

3 July 2013

New Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) produced the best employment results, between April and June 2013, with 27% of the job market share, according to the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham). New Delhi-NCR generated over 34,000 jobs in Q1 2013, a year-...

China – Surge in staffing in foreign banks

3 July 2013

More than 40 foreign banks in China are expected to increase staffing levels in the next three years. It is estimated that 20,000 people will be recruited by 2015, according to a new report from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).Staffing increases are expected to be concentrated in four areas; corpora...

Australia – Bluestone Global managing director resigns

3 July 2013

Bluestone Global Limited (ASX: BUE) reports that, effective today, managing director Mr Rabieh Krayem has stepped down. Mr Krayem has been managing director of the company since his appointment in 2011.“Rabieh informed the Board that his intention to step back from the position of managing direct...

Australia – IT professionals call for earlier elections

2 July 2013

Australian technology professionals struggling to find work will be urging new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to announce an earlier election date to revive stalled spending activity, according to Peter Acheson, the chief executive officer of Peoplebank Australia.Mr Acheson said Peoplebank’s regular s...