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Europe – Moderate increase in employment

31 March 2011

The deterioration in the European Union (EU) labour market resulting from the economic crisis, which has been easing since mid 2010, has at last gradually given way to moderate increases in employment, according to the new Quarterly Labour Market Review, published by the European Commission (EC).

Germany – Employment up +500,000 y-o-y

31 March 2011

The number of persons in employment living in Germany amounted to 40.25 million in February 2011. Compared to February 2010, that was an increase of +500,000 or +1.3%, according to provisional results from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

March 2010 was the last month in which a decrease in...

Ireland – Unemployment remains at 14.7%

31 March 2011

The Irish unemployment rate has remained unchanged from February to March 2011 this year and remains at a high of 14.7%, according to the latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).
Around 442,000 people are signed on for benefits, which is about -6,800 lower than the peak...

UK – Further Education boosts economy by +75 billion Pounds

31 March 2011

New research shows that people with Further Education (FE) qualifications generate an additional 75 billion Pounds for the economy over their lifetimes, with Apprenticeships generating around 40 Pounds for each Pound of government investment.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) commissioned...

UK – Take up offer of training or lose unemployment benefits

31 March 2011

Jobseekers will be given training to gain new skills, but will face having their benefits stopped if they refuse the offer of help, Employment Minister Chris Grayling has announced.
Benefit claimants whose lack of relevant skills is a significant barrier to work will get the support they need...

Spain – 'High risk' construction closed again for temporary agencies

30 March 2011

In a new collective bargaining agreement, unions (Fecoma-CCOO and MCA-UGT) and employers (CNC and Confemetal), have effectively closed the door again, which the government has only just opened for temporary employment agencies in the construction sector. Unions and employers have agreed to ban temporary...

Germany – Young adults are problem group in labour market

30 March 2011

Young adults in Germany between the age of 25 and 29 face an unemployment rate of more than 18%, according to a recent joint Bertelsmann Foundation/IZA study. This makes them one of the most troubled demographic groups in the German labour market.

The study takes issue with the popular notion that youth...

UK – Shareholder pressure keeps lid on executive pay

30 March 2011

FTSE 350 executives will see minimal, if any, increases in base pay this year, according to a survey of senior reward professionals and accompanying analysis of company reports and accounts, published by professional services firm PwC. The findings come ahead of the AGM season, when executive pay will...

Norway – Payroll rise expected to be +3%

30 March 2011

Negotiations for the annual pay round have commenced this week between the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO) and the Norwegian Federation of Trade Unions (LO), the Federation of European Employers reports.

Although employers have called for a +1.5% increase in national minimum rates, it is widely...

International – Good looks make you more successful

30 March 2011

New research carried out in Germany, the UK, the US and Canada by the Labour Market Institute (IZA) in collaboration with the University of Texas, reveals that an attractive personal appearance makes workers generally more successful than their less attractive contemporaries and raises personal happiness...