Google is so last year

I am “old” enough to have lived through the bubble. After which a large number of useful online resources and technologies disappeared because they could not answer the question “who pays?”  Google appears to have reached this same point. Why fund resources such as the Wonder wheel,  + searching, Google labs possibly even advanced searching and most viewed news if they are not used and do not pay.

I understand the need for an income stream, after all if you do not sign up as a member for the excellent research products that we offer, then I don’t get paid. However, this conundrum does raise an interesting point.  Where will analysts and other information professional go if Google, which as we have discussed before represents 85% of searches currently, starts to focus only on consumers.

There are no Google killers out there, but Marydee Ojala in an excellent presentation at the Online Information Conference, did highlight some resources that may be of use to you. Bing, we have already discussed, but there is also:

I predict paid search and the invisible web are about to have a second renaissance. Old friends such as:

That we may have ignored for some time, as we googled it, are about to come back to prominence.


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