Recent Updates

SIA Report: Background Checks — Managing Liability in the U.S.

14 May 2014

The use of background checks can help protect you against liability for negligent hiring, supervision or retention. But your policies may also expose you to liability. This report explores the current status of U.S. law in this area.

Europe - German IT freelancers overworked, but happy

7 May 2014

Most German freelancers do not want to give up their self-determination and flexibility, but they pay a high price, according to a survey by Solcom.

Signature Technology Group acquires division

7 May 2014

Signature Technology Group, a Phoenix-based IT staffing provider, acquired the U.S. consulting division of GlassHouse Technologies. 

Asia - Tata to get majority stake in Japan venture

7 May 2014

Tata signed a deal with Mitsubishi last month to acquire a controlling stake in a new IT services firm.

Apple, Google and others settle employee anti-poaching suit

7 May 2014

Apple Inc., Google Inc., Intel Corp. and Adobe Systems Inc. reached a settlement last month in a class action lawsuit over employee anti-poaching.

More than twice as many H-1Bs sought as available

7 May 2014

More than twice as many petitions for H-1B visas were filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services than there were visas available under the annual caps. 

Survey: 69% of IT leaders say contingent labor critical

7 May 2014

Information technology leaders and IT professionals agree that contingent labor is a critical part of many organizations’ business operations, but a disconnect exists with regard to performance and expectations, according to a survey from TEKsystems.

US posts April increase in IT jobs, settles into pattern

7 May 2014

The number of U.S. information technology jobs rose by 0.28 percent month over month in April to approximately 4.6 million, the TechServe Alliance reported.

Public IT staffing firm revenues are mixed bag in Q1

7 May 2014

IT staffing was a bit of a mixed bag among publicly traded IT staffing companies in Q1; revenues declined at some and rose at others.

Ignore Big Data, Risk Your Program

7 May 2014

Big data is playing an increasingly important role in workforce optimization and predictive analytics.