Select Drops S&P Rating after Downgrade

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Mark Elfive07/02/2012 04:36 pm

I worked at Select Corporate for over 5 years, and in 2 different departments. Unfortunately, much of what the people below are saying is correct. As a corporate employee, I left on my own with a good track record. However, the reason I left was because I simply could not, with a clear conscience, work at Select any longer. Steve is a hypocrite who hides behind his religion. What he does not realize is that he is seriously tarnishing to good image of the LDS church. He brandishes his qualifications as a "good husband and father, in good standing with his church". He uses quotes from his church's leaders in corporate meetings and conferences, lauding his beliefs yet all the while his business practices are shady at best. There is much evidence of many questionable on-goings at corporate. We are all aware of Steve's habit of "laying off" hundreds of corporate employees, especially during Nov - Dec, in order to show a positive profit at end of year for the bankers who provide his loans. He has said it, and it is common knowledge to all corporate employees. That is why so many leave on their own. What they see scares them. Steve *thinks* he is above the line business-wise. Everyone else knows that he is practically OVER that line. At the very least he is a narcissistic man who is money hungry and uses his corporate employees like he does his cattle - to be sacrificed and slaughtered. At the very worst he is...well, let's face it. You can only juggle these things for so long before all the balls drop. Every other staffing company in the state of California are aware of the bad dealings of Select. All corporate employees are aware as well. Nothing is really hidden. Everyone knows that what Steve wants, Steve gets - at any cost. Another corporate jet? Another company to rip apart and dissolve.. Just because he can technically get away with much of what he is doing, does not mean that morally he should. But then this is why I left. As a member of the LDS church, I cannot, in good conscience, work for a morally corrupt man like Steve. He pretends he is doing so much good. Once his delusions fall from his eyes, he will see what a Dorian Gray he really is. And his company is his painting. I won't go into all the other stuff I know. But the fact that I do know, and I know that the execs know, is enough for me to say with certainty that there is no difference between Select and it's execs, and all the other corporate CEO/Execs with other companies who fatten their own wallets at the complete and utter expense of their employees, and a complete and total manipulation of the laws of this land, and this state. Steve, open your eyes. Be like Matthew - do what you do, and do it righteously and do not become corrupt. Don't seek the worldly things. If you really love God, then take care of those corporate employees who are loyal, and don't be the Rich man trying to get his camel through the eye of the needle.

Karen07/23/2012 03:12 pm

Dear Ian and Laurie:
I think that the bottom line is that regardless of what people are saying from within Koosharem and Select, the real questions lie with how you treat your employees with Select Employment services!
Your company's business ethics are shameful and reprehensible. You could not truly and ethically represent an employee if it meant saving your lives. You seem to be unable to help anybody who has a complaint, nor do you want to, the people who answer your phones beyond the front-end receptionists are all Indian who cannot speak english and in the end I have never seen such bad management in my life! Neighborhood lemonade stands do better at managing!
It's no wonder your credit rating is in the toilet. Oh excuse me, doesn't exist. Apparently there is a reason why Standard and Poor have such little faith in your organization, and it has nothing to do with anything that they wrote above.
Good luck, and I'm thinking that perhaps there will soon be yet another suit brought against you. THIS one won't be making you the victim.
Have a nice day.

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