Staffing 100 (Europe)

Top 100 in European Staffing

Staffing Industry Analysts’ Top 100 Most Influential People in European Staffing includes those that have helped to shape the development of a market estimated to be worth €106 billion in 2012. The list is in alphabetical order (by surname).

The list is a multicultural melting pot reflecting the diversity of staffing markets in Europe. 32% of the list comprises British executives which is not so surprising given that the UK is the largest staffing market in Europe though the Dutch (15%), French (14%), Germans (12%) and Italians (5%) are also well represented. The European staffing market is also influenced by a number of non-Europeans, most notably Americans who comprise 6% of the list. Two members of the list have dual nationality.

The ‘Big Three’ staffing companies (Adecco, Randstad and ManpowerGroup) have a total of 22 entrants in the list but, as the three companies enjoy a combined European market share of 36%, their inclusion does not seem at all disproportionate.

Only 11% of our list comprises female executives. This is remarkably and disappointingly low when the staffing industry itself enjoys a relatively high proportion of women working in its ranks. This percentage also compares unfavorably to our equivalent US list where women comprise 22% of the 100 most influential. While we should celebrate the success of the women who have achieved recognition, the male influencers on our list might like to consider why women are so under-represented.

Criteria and Accuracy of the Top 100 List

What have been the criteria for inclusion in the list? Is the list 100% accurate? View information on how we compile the data.