SI Review: June 2012


Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers,

I am proud to present the first contingent worker column in the 16-year history of this magazine. For the last year, our fine editorial team has been busy updating the publication, trying to give you the best possible return on your time. And given that our industry is all about matching people and jobs, the column, called The Other Side, provides a glimpse into the minds and experiences of those contingent workers whom you help place.

We hope it helps broaden your knowledge of what these workers are really saying. After all, the success stories in the next decade will be about those staffing firms that understand what the workforce wants and deliver. The Other Side is designed to give you a head start.

Contingent workers are just one part of the ecosystem, the MSP another. Read what our contributors have to say about this evolving phenomenon. Stacie Habegger explores how the MSP is a game changer, but it is only as good as its ability to leverage its supply base. Consultant Amy Bingham discusses strategies that staffing firms can follow as they decide how to deal with the MSP. And attorney Kevin Barrow talks about international operations. Major hiring organizations based in the U.S. are looking for suppliers that can service them not just in Miami and Las Vegas but Munich and Liverpool. His article is a must-read for staffing firms that are looking to set up MSP arrangements globally.

Plus we have our knowledgeable columnists weighing in with their advice on how to make you and your companies successful. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the success of the magazine. You create the trends and solutions that we share with others. Please let us know what you think of The Other Side and other articles.

Based on your feedback, we will continue to make those improvements and additions that grow your company.

Subadhra R. Sriram
Editorial Director

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