August 24, 2011 - Vol. 3.21


This week: Proceed cautiously when conducting background screens on contingents; The much-maligned H-1B visa program continues to take some hits.

Feature: How to Manage the Risk and Cost of Contingent Background Screening

August 24, 2011

Employee theft and fraud cost U.S. businesses $50 billion a year and a staggering 18 percent of violent crime is workplace-related, but just 35 percent of companies require background checks on contingent workers. Proceed with caution, though, in developing your screening program.

Best of the Web: H-1B Visa Woes ... Again

August 24, 2011

The H-1B visa program has always had its fair share of critics. But recently, misfortune has been dogging it.

Council Research: Why a CW Policy Is Crucial

August 24, 2011

Companies bring contingent workers on board every day, but few provide them with the tools they need to be successful: a clear policy that outlines what is expected of them and helps your company avoid risks associated with CW usage.

Europe: UK Temp Tax Turmoil

August 24, 2011

You would think that in a mature staffing market taxes charged for temporary staffing would be well-established and transparent. Unfortunately, this is far from the case in the U.K.