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Take the New Survey of Staffing Industry "Talent Acquisition Practices" -open through 4/15/12

This is a general industry survey of staffing firm managers who have a significant relationship with their firms’ "talent acquisition/sourcing-recruiting” functions. The survey will allow us to publish a first-time look at the “state-of-the-art” of “talent acquisition” in the staffing industry (including organization, processes, metrics, and technology).

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Talent Acquisition Technology (TAT) “Innovation” -- Some New-comers to the Staffing Scene

At the Executive Forum Expo and at the Tech Day kiosks and sessions this March, there was a considerable amount of innovation in evidence.  Whether from the established solution providers or from new-comers to the space, we are seeing considerable “technology solution innovation” at this time.  One thing that seems clear is that the “talent supply chain” is being jolted and reshaped... More

A Staffing Firm’s Strategic Guide to the Universe of Talent Acquisition Technology (TAT)

The new Insight Report, “Talent Acquisition Technology (TAT) – What Is It and Where It’s Going,” is now available to SIA Corporate Members.

"This is the first in a series of SIA research reports and advisories on the subject of Talent Acquisition Technology and how it is and can be leveraged by Staffing Firms to become more innovative and competitive."

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The Adoption of New "Tech Recruiting Tools: The Best and the Brightest" (revisiting the last session at Executive Forum Tech Day)

Many of you were with us for an extraordinary 2012 Executive Forum in Las Vegas last week.  But I know not everyone was able to make it and, of those that did, not all could make it through to the end of Tech Day. 

That said, you may have missed “Tech Recruiting Tools:  The Best and the Brightest,” one of the last sessions on Friday, ably moderated by recruitment process consultant... More

“Staffing Industry” Talent Acquisition (TA) Research Now Underway. More to come.

We are continuing to progress in the start-up of our new research focus area:  Talent Acquisition (TA).  This research will be accessible to our subscribing members. We will soon be announcing the start of broad survey of the unique state of Staffing Industry TA.

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