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Should Staffing Companies be Worried about LinkedIn - May's Marketing Blog

May 23, 2011 - from Hinda Chalew's Blog

LinkedIn was founded on the premise that people could link together and network.  As it grew and morphed, it has ultimately become a staffing company, one that now has the power... More

Industrial renaissance coming to U.S.?

May 21, 2011 - from Jon Osborne's Blog

The U.S. manufacturing sector has been rebounding lately from its 2009-2010 depths, taking industrial temp up with it, a not uncommon but typically short-lived post-recession phenomenon.... More

Are you sure your staffing firm really exists?

May 13, 2011 - from Jon Osborne's Blog

If a tree fell in the woods and no one heard it, would it make a sound?  For generations, tenured professors with nothing better to do have debated that point.

The same conundrum... More

Vendor Neutral … Or Not? The Question That Won’t Go Away

May 12, 2011 - from Barry Asin's Blog

If you’ve been involved in the world of contingent work over the past decade, it’s been tough to miss the debate over vendor neutrality. The question is usually framed simply as:... More

Launching a new content management system - April 2011 Marketing Blog

April 22, 2011 - from Hinda Chalew's Blog

Well the saying goes, it takes a village.  Our village of Staffing Industry Analysts has launched the third edition of its Membership System.  Unlike launching a new website,... More


May 29, 2007 - from Barry Asin's Blog

I look forward to having you join us as we aim to find the best, fastest and sometimes quirkiest ways to get you the information that you need to know about the staffing industry... More

What's in a name?

June 29, 2007 - from Barry Asin's Blog

I often chuckle when reading articles in the business press, or for that matter occasionally in our own publications, that refer to 'temporary jobs' versus 'permanent jobs.'  Just... More

Immigration Raid Spotlights Dirty Little Secrets

July 30, 2007 - from Barry Asin's Blog

While it looks like the chances of comprehensive immigration reform any time soon is just about zero, staffing firms and buyers need to be aware of the risks they are running by looking... More

A recession or no recession? That is the question

September 21, 2007 - from Barry Asin's Blog

Usually when I mention to someone that I work in the world of contingent and temporary work, their eyes begin to wander and take on a certain glazed quality.  And in a sure sign... More

Healthcare VMS: Time to sink or swim?

October 12, 2007 - from Barry Asin's Blog

Around 500 executives from healthcare staffing providers joined us at the 2007 Healthcare Staffing Summit a few weeks back.  Amid their general optimism (healthcare is one of the... More