Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC)

As a Corporate Member, your staffing firm is eligible to participate in the Staffing Industry Benchmarking Consortium (SIBC), our most detailed financial and operations benchmarking survey on the U.S. staffing industry. The SIBC survey is conducted twice per year (in March and August) and participants gain exclusive access to the final 50-page SIBC Overview Report.

All individual company data is kept strictly confidential, and SIBC data is only reported in the form of summary statistics. Only participating staffing firms receive access to the final SIBC Overview Report.

The SIBC Overview Report provides a snapshot of the following metrics, typically reported on an aggregate, median, 25th and 75th percentile, and year-over-year change basis:

Income statement (P&L) benchmarks:

  • Revenue
  • Gross margin ($ and %)
  • Personnel expense ($ and %)
  • Facilities expense ($ and %)
  • Marketing expense ($ and %)
  • Technology expense ($ and %)
  • EBITDA ($ and %)

Operating metrics include:

  • Total internal employees
  • Total temporary/contract workers on assignment
  • Financial metrics per internal employee
  • Internal employee turnover %
  • Temporary employees per internal employee
  • Customer accounts per employee
  • Financial and operating metrics per branch office

For each of the temporary staffing skill segments (IT, Industrial, Finance/Accounting, etc.):

  • Average y/y revenue growth
  • Average gross margin
  • Average bill rates
  • Average pay rates
  • Average markup %

Direct hire placements and fees
Temp-to-hire conversions and fees
Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)
Merger and acquisition activity

Selected financial and operating benchmarks for pure-play staffing firms that focus on one skill segment (data is typically available for IT pure-play firms and Industrial pure-play firms)

And more!

Please contact for more information on SIBC or to add your firm to the invitation list for the next round. Act now to make sure that your firm has access to the SIBC benchmarking report!