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Why Amazon Is Paying Employees to Quit

16 April 2014

Once a year at Amazon, front-line employees get a chance to sit back, reflect and choose whether to re-commit to the company and their colleagues. In a sense, Pay to Quit is an annual performance review of the company by its employees. Read more from the HBR Blog Network's Bill Taylor here.

Trends in Labour Arbitrage

15 April 2014

This report brings together three different management strands into one overarching theme and highlights important trends in each relating to the use of contingent workers.

Blog: Five reasons we are still bullish on IT staffing

9 April 2014

We are into the fourth month of 2014 and the IT staffing market is still cruising, and here are five reasons we are still bullish on IT staffing.

H-1B caps reached in first week

9 April 2014

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services announced Monday the number of H-1B visas requested exceeded the annual caps in the first week.

Proposed rule change may allow H-1B spouses to hold jobs

9 April 2014

Spouses of workers in the U.S. on H-1B visas may soon be allowed to find employment, according to an announcement Monday by the White House. 

SAP acquiring VMS provider Fieldglass

9 April 2014

Business software giant SAP announced March 26 it planned to acquire Fieldglass, one of the largest VMS providers.

CEO of CDI steps down

9 April 2014

CDI Corp. (NYSE: CDI) President and CEO Paulett Eberhart stepped down, the company announced. 

IT hiring less than predicted in Q1, report says

9 April 2014

Full-time and contingent IT hiring fell short of predictions in the first quarter, according to survey results from TEKsystems.

TechServe names board of directors

9 April 2014

TechServe Alliance formally announced its 2014 board of directors.

IT contractors in UK predict pay increase

9 April 2014

For the third consecutive year, IT contractors are expecting a pay increase, according to research carried out by professional umbrella employment provider, giant group.