Recent Updates

Outsourced or In-House? Services Procurement and the Next Generation of CW Programs

8 March 2012

  • Panel discussion on internal and external MSPs
  • Pros and cons of in-house approach discussed
  • Learn from panelists who have brought their program office in-house

News: Misclassification Results in “Stop Work” Orders

7 March 2012

Nineteen companies in Connecticut were forced to stop work at construction sites recently due to independent contractor misclassifications, the state’s Department of Labor reported.

Blog: An Effective Contingent Worker Onboarding Process Matters

7 March 2012

Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram makes the case for having an effective onboarding process for your contingent workers. 

Around the Web: Contingent Worker Recruiter Fee Controversy

7 March 2012

Four companies must repay fees their foreign contingent workers paid to their recruiter; Independent contractor classification concerns are not unique to the United States.

SIA Webinars: Strategies for the Contingent Workforce Manager

7 March 2012

As a contingent workforce program manager, you need all the latest knowledge, news and best practices on a variety of topics pertaining to contingent worker usage. Staffing Industry Analysts produces monthly webinars that provide that crucial information. 

Indian Staffing - Issues and Recommendations

2 March 2012

  • Indian market is growing 10-15% a year
  • Outline of issues facing the market
  • Brief outline of law involved

By the Numbers

1 March 2012

  • VMS and MSP use by large buyers
  • How much buyers expect to grow their contingent workforces
  • Staffing firms’ plans for branch offices in 2012

Power Seller

1 March 2012

The Elevator Pitch: How it helps create the right sales culture.

Expert’s Corner

1 March 2012

Empower Your Staff: How to boost worker engagement and increase retention.


1 March 2012

Forum Comes of Age: 21 years after launch illustrate how things change … and don’t.