Recent Updates

Benefit of Counsel

23 April 2012

Benefit of Counsel: Keep your “friends” close.

Straight Talk from the Customer

23 April 2012

Straight Talk from the Customer: Get your own scorecard

You Ask/We Answer

23 April 2012

You Ask/We Answer: VMS Angst?

Contingent Workers Settle Wage and Hour Suit

18 April 2012

Contingent workers in California have settled their wage and hour lawsuit against their staffing firm and its client. 

EU to Boost Protections for Seconded Workers

18 April 2012

The EU last month announced it would strengthen protections for employees and contingent workers sent by their employers or staffing firms to posts in other EU countries.

VMS/MSP: A Window Into Staffing Firms’ Orders

18 April 2012

How much of staffing firms’ job orders come through a vendor management system or a managed services provider?

Staffing Industry Reaching Record Highs

18 April 2012

We are seeing some stratospheric numbers from the staffing industry, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in the Contingent Blog.

Australia Data Sources

13 April 2012

A list of data sources for Australia including:

  • Academic resources, applicable government departments
  • Laws and regulations, contingent workforce market data
  • Trade associations and other organisations

Staffing in Pakistan (Links)

11 April 2012

  • List of staffing agencies
  • Main newspapers for job adverts
  • Jobsites and basic data

Why Your Staffing Suppliers Need to Be Social

11 April 2012

Why it's important that your staffing providers are savvy about social media.