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Weatherby Healthcare names new president

31 March 2015

Weatherby Healthcare, a division of CHG Healthcare Services that provides locum tenens, named Bill Heller as president.

Healthcare staffing providers among the best staffing firms to work for

31 March 2015

Several healthcare staffing firms ranked in this year’s Best Staffing Firms to Work For competition.

Hiring and recruiting with social media can raise legal complications

31 March 2015

Social media can be a powerful tool for recruiters, but there is a risk.

Travel nursing interest rises another 3% over Q4 — Promoted

31 March 2015

StaffDNA released the Q1 Candidate Blueprint Index, which provides real-time data detailing the employment preferences of healthcare candidates nationwide.

Nursing, IT jobs top positions filled through staffing firms, research finds

31 March 2015

Nursing and IT jobs are those most likely to require the support of third-party recruiting agencies.

Interviewer mistakes and how to overcome them — Staffing Stream

31 March 2015

Kelly Gorham, president of Addison Group's healthcare practice, writes about preventing interview slip ups in The Staffing Stream.

2015 Largest Job Boards Globally

30 March 2015

  • Our report lists the largest 25 Job Boards by 2014 annual revenue.
  • The very largest Job Boards have an international presence and enjoy market leading positions in a number of countries
  • The largest Job Board provider globally is Recruit, a Japanese HR company that also operates a number of important... More

Most Attractive Staffing Markets Globally

26 March 2015

  • SIA's own own methodology for evaluating the potential of each staffing market. 
  • We have assessed 55 different staffing markets across six Continents. Strong prospects were identified among both emerging and established staffing markets.
  • Download a copy of the report as well as the... More

Indian group responds to H-1B temp worker visa criticism in Senate committee

25 March 2015

The trade association for the Indian IT and business process outsourcing industry responded to criticism that workers coming to the US on H-1B visas — for highly skilled temporary foreign workers such as those in IT — have only minimum skills.

OSHA finalizes whistleblower protection rules, seeks advisory committee nominations

25 March 2015

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration finalized its rules for the handling of Sarbanes-Oxley Act-related whistleblower retaliation complaints; separately, it is seeking nominations for members to serve on its Whistleblower Protection Advisory Committee.