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Straight Talk From the Customer

24 April 2013

Stand Out. Differentiating your services in the bid process and beyond.

Beyond the Daily

24 April 2013

We include developments from the Staffing Industry Daily News and The Staffing Stream to help you focus on emerging movements that could shape your business for the better.

Demand for Staffing Drives Cost Up

24 April 2013

Your company relies on you to understand the staffing marketplace. We highlight areas in the U.S. staffing market to help you navigate your company’s challenges.

Obamacare: A Lawyer’s Personal Viewpoint

24 April 2013

An attorney shares his personal opinion of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

Indexes Point to Rising CW Costs

24 April 2013

Staffing buyers may find themselves having to pay more, according to new index readings on the cost of contingent labor.

EEOC Guidelines Make a Murky Situation Murkier

24 April 2013

Conducting background checks used to be a relatively simple proposition for staffing firms, but the EEOC’s recent guidance has staffing firms and their clients spooked, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

Benefits of Diversity Suppliers

24 April 2013

With the population of the U.S. shifting to a minority majority, companies should develop an effective supplier diversity plan (SDP) to order to better serve their ever-changing customer base, writes Acro Service Corp. President and CEO Ron Shahani in The Staffing Stream

When a Contractor Doesn’t Qualify as an IC

24 April 2013

The Independent Contractor Compliance Blog addresses what you can say to consultants who don’t qualify as independent contractors (ICs) but insist on being treated as such. 

Know Your Suppliers' Statutory Expenses

24 April 2013

Your suppliers’ statutory expenses affect your own contingent workforce costs. This tool, available to CWS Council members, will help you prepare.

A Look at the Chinese Temporary Workforce Environment

11 April 2013

  • Overview of the Chinese legal landscape
  • Significance of collective bargaining agreements
  • Details on employers' statutory costs