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Cross Country acquires Mediscan for $33 million

4 November 2015

Cross Country Healthcare Inc. (NASD: CCRN) acquired Mediscan, a healthcare staffing provider based in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Report finds lucrative environment for healthcare staffing market

4 November 2015

According to Staffing Industry Analysts’ recently released 2015 Healthcare Staffing Growth Assessment, the current environment for the healthcare staffing market is arguably the most lucrative it has been in more than a decade, due to a confluence of favorable drivers

Fastest-growing staffing firms for 2015

4 November 2015

The 2015 annual list of fastest-growing staffing firms — the largest such list Staffing Industry Analysts has ever compiled— includes 102 firms posting compound average growth rate for revenue of more than 15% from 2010 to 2014. Staffing Industry Review interviews executives at each of the top 10... More

ACA and the last tech improvement holdouts — Staffing Stream

4 November 2015

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, consumers have been put in the digital transformation driver’s seat. Not only are health-systems implementing technology rich solutions internally, insurers are beginning to compete for dollars in the omni-channel digital world.

Next-gen CW program: Making statement-of-work spend transparent

4 November 2015

This week, we wanted to know what is the biggest thing to keep in mind when building the business case for the next generation CW program?

Tech heavyweights face more IC lawsuits

4 November 2015

Google and each face class action lawsuits from drivers alleging they have been misclassified as independent contractors.

Treat workers well, they will innovate

4 November 2015

There’s a reason companies strive to be known as a best place to work: companies with higher worker treatment scores produced more patents, and more highly cited patents, writes Walter Frick on the HBR blog network.

Why keeping tabs on staffing revenue is a smart move

4 November 2015

Why keeping an eye on staffing revenue in the segments that affect your organization can help with workforce planning.  

Snack food company, staffing providers to pay contingents more than $2 million

3 November 2015

A food manufacturer and its staffing providers will pay more than $2.1 million in back wages and damages to contingents who were not paid overtime.

Top Priorities for CW Programs

2 November 2015

  • Buyers reported a wide range of top priorities for their CW programs
  • Most common priority was reducing/controlling costs