Recent Updates

New Offering Shifts Online Staffing Model

11 September 2013

OnForce, a provider of online staffing services, announced a new set of service offerings that enable any kind of large enterprise to deploy an IT-related managed contractor workforce in almost any U.S. location.

Online Staffing Platform Businesses ‐ 2013 and 2014 Industry Segment Forecast

10 September 2013

  • Online Staffing market growth revised upward to 60% in 2013
  • No foreseen near‐term limits on global expansion
  • Market drivers could lead to $3B in spend in 2014

2Q13 healthcare staffing earnings recap

4 September 2013

In the second quarter of 2013, the 10 large firms constituting our general all-segment index grew revenue by a median 3.4 percent, and net income by a median 9.2 percent from the prior year. 

Web: Healthcare buyer settles suit with staffing firm

4 September 2013

Medical Design Technology reports that Smith & Nephew settled a lawsuit with staffing provider Northwest Ortho Plus that involved allegations of sales staff violating noncompetition agreements.

Staffing Stream: Competition is good, control by competitor is something else

4 September 2013

A vendor management system as a pure software solution can have a positive impact. But when a third-party manager, such as an MSP, arrives between buyers and staffing suppliers, it can be a threat, writes Colleen Mills of the National Healthcare Staffing Alliance in The Staffing Stream.

UK inks new deal for nurse staffing

4 September 2013

The U.K. government agreed to a new deal with private companies to supply agency nurses to the National Health Service, according to the Nursing Times.

Corporate Resource Services moves to Nasdaq

4 September 2013

Corporate Resource Services Inc. (OTCBB: CRRS), a provider of staffing services including healthcare staffing, is set to begin trading on Nasdaq effective Friday. 

Acquisitions: System One and Joulé, Decton and Clinical Staffing

4 September 2013

Recently announced acquisitions involving clinical staffing include System One buying Joulé Inc. and Decton Inc. buying Clinical Staffing Services.

Family physicians most in-demand

4 September 2013

Family physicians top the list of the most highly recruited doctors for the seventh consecutive year, according to a report released this week by Merritt Hawkins, the physician search division of AMN Healthcare Services Inc.

Beige Book: Demand up for healthcare direct hire

4 September 2013

Demand is up for direct hire of healthcare workers, according to the new U.S. Federal Reserve Beige Book report released Wednesday.