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Web: Infosys hit with hiring suit

13 August 2013

PCWorld reports an information technology worker sued Infosys alleging the company discriminates against U.S. job applicants.

“Online Staffing” Platforms: 2013 industry segment landscape

9 August 2013

  • 67 online staffing firms listed and described
  • Four largest: oDesk, Elance,, Zhubajie (Pig Network)
  • How online staffing fits into human cloud space

Webinar - 2013 Executive Summary Sales Compensation Practices for Staffing - August 2013

8 August 2013

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Sales compensation practices for Staffing
  • Approximately 1 hour

Independents: An Essential Talent

7 August 2013

Despite growing government scrutiny of independent contractor classifications, companies cannot afford to shun this talent pool.

Attorneys General Blast Background Check Suits

7 August 2013

Attorneys general from nine states are asking the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity to reconsider two recent lawsuits against companies that denied employment due to results of criminal background checks.

Bill Aims to End ACA Part-Time Incentive

7 August 2013

A proposed bill aimed at reducing the incentive for employers to limit workers’ hours would change how potential penalties are calculated under the Affordable Care Act.

Are You Staffing — Online?

7 August 2013

If you aren't working online staffing platforms into your talent acquisition strategy, you risk getting left behind, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. Read the blog post here

Recognition Key to Talent Attraction, Retention and Engagement

7 August 2013

Many managers forget what teachers have known for years: People respond well to recognition for their hard work. Kevin Sheridan, author and chief engagement officer at Kevin Sheridan LLC, shares best practices in developing a recognition program in The Staffing Stream.

Employing Grey: Don’t dismiss candidates based on age

7 August 2013

A baby boomer shares her experience with staffing firms and hiring companies that seemed reluctant to hire her because of her age in Staffing Industry Review magazine. Read the story here.

Orchestrate Decisions

7 August 2013

Decision-making is often an orchestrated process by which the manager engages other people in reaching a conclusion, rather than a solo process, writes Ron Ashkenas at the HBR Blog Network. He shares examples of how to facilitate this kind of engaged decision-making.