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Why SOW Arrangements Are So Important

9 October 2013

Buyers are becoming more and more interested in statement of work arrangements. Here are some of the top reasons why.

Plan RFPs Carefully

9 October 2013

RFPs are an important step in any company initiative, but there is much that needs to be considered beforehand in order to ensure the greatest success for your program and suppliers.

Freelancer Claims The Hollywood Reporter Misclassified Him

9 October 2013

The publisher of The Hollywood Reporter was sued by a worker claiming he was misclassified as an independent contractor. 

Buyers Beware: You Can’t Avoid ACA Costs

9 October 2013

Who’s on the hook for bearing the additional costs of healthcare reform? Buyers and suppliers see the ACA price saga unfolding quite differently, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog.

Staffing Stream: Overcoming the Purple Squirrel

9 October 2013

Is your hiring manager’s insistence on the perfect candidate — the so-called purple squirrel — hindering your suppliers’ (and your) success? Read more from Mike Barefoot, senior account executive at Red Zone Resources, in The Staffing Stream.

Getting Your Staff to Speak Up

9 October 2013

Open and honest communication is a vital ingredient in any successful organization. Peter Economy shares five tips to improve your communication with employees on 

Tales of a Contingent

9 October 2013

A former Google contract worker shares what it was like to work for the tech giant as a contingent on GeekWire.

CCWP Certification: Get Certified and Be an Industry Leader

9 October 2013

Become CCWP certified and achieve the highest level of competency associated with managing a contingent workforce program. Sign up for the online class or the in-person class in L.A. (Dec. 3-4) today.

MSP Satisfaction by Spend

9 October 2013

Suppliers’ opinion of their MSP varies greatly depending on how much spend is running through it.

SI Report Webinar - October 2013

8 October 2013

  • Watch the full webinar on demand
  • Staffing firm website tactics
  • ACA - Who's exempt