February 12, 2014


How to determine if your contingent workforce mix is right for your organization; Why midsize and larger companies need to use a VMS.

What’s the Right CW Mix?

12 February 2014

Now that the contingent workforce has become a valued part of organizations, they are looking at whether the mix of those workers is appropriate. 

Why VMS Is a Must for Larger Programs

12 February 2014

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Why having technology to track your contingent workforce program is a must.

‘Poaching’ Is Hurting the Oil and Gas Industry

12 February 2014

Oil and gas industry insiders blame staff poaching for spiraling wages and skills shortages, and say recruiting firms are the only ones to benefit.

Public Agency: Raise Pay for Contract Workers

12 February 2014

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey asked four airlines to raise wages for contract workers at New York airports, but ultimately planso require the changes in its Port-Airline agreements.

New ACA Regulations Mixed Blessing

12 February 2014

The IRS issued final regulations regarding the employer mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act Monday, providing mixed news for staffing suppliers and buyers. Attorney George Reardon digs into the details in The Staffing Stream.

Using ICs? Don’t Skip This Agreement

12 February 2014

A Massachusetts company learned the hard way that failure to have independent contractors sign confidentiality agreements can be very costly. Paul Creme, an attorney with Hamblett and Kerrigan, writes about the case here.

SIA Webinar: Temporary Staffing Trends and Forecasts

12 February 2014

During this one-hour webinar, our analysts will discuss the latest trends and forecasts in the European and Rest of World staffing markets.