June 27, 2012


What you should do before the RFP; Who's responsible for overtime pay?; OSHA fines company in contingent's death.

Strategy: How to Get the Most out of Your RFP

27 June 2012

What you put into your RFP planning determines the quality of the responses and solutions you get. Here’s why.

Strategy: Building Consensus on CW Issues

27 June 2012

How executives can help build cohesiveness among contingent workforce program stakeholders.

Risk: Who Pays Contingents’ Overtime?

27 June 2012

Staffing providers are responsible for paying contingents’ overtime hours, but there are some situations where buyers may unwittingly open themselves up to liability.

Firm Gets Proposed Fines in Death of Contract Worker

27 June 2012

A food manufacturer has cited and faces more than $700,000 in fines over the death of a contractor in December.

Blog: It Pays to Be Nice

27 June 2012

If you think paying your contingent workers more ensures you’ll get highly motivated and happier workers assigned to you, think again. Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram blogs about how workers are treated by their staffing firms is what counts.

Ensure Compliance

27 June 2012

One way to ensure compliance in an increasingly risky world is to make everyone a risk manager, writes Grace Crickette in the Harvard Business Review. Read more here. Meanwhile, another HBR contributor, Dylan Evans, suggests that our judgment of risk is compromised.

Risk: Contract to Perm? Think Again

27 June 2012

Attorney Devora L. Lindeman warns against classifying a worker as an independent contractor as a way to test him or her out before offering a traditional employment relationship.