August 31, 2011 - Vol. 3.22


This week: Establishing a benchmarking and rating program can help ensure you are getting good contingents at a fair rate; be careful when establishing a drug screening program in European countries; a networking company and its staffing provider are sued by temps alleging they were improperly classified as exempt from overtime wages.

Feature: The Link between Quality and Price

31 August 2011

Companies want to ensure they’re getting the best contingents at a fair price. We spoke with one company that established a benchmarking and rating program to ensure just that. Here’s how.

Europe: Drug and Alcohol Screening

31 August 2011

Drug and alcohol abuse is a global problem. U.S. companies that screen their U.S. contingents may want to do so elsewhere. However, those operating in Europe need to be mindful of local laws and customs before taking that step.

Legal Eagle: Temp Workers Sue

31 August 2011

A class of temporary workers claiming to have been improperly classified as exempt from overtime wages has filed a lawsuit against the company that hired them as well as its staffing provider.

Blog: The IRS Will Not Look the Other Way

31 August 2011

The IRS knows the economy’s been tough; it also knows companies are getting careless in their efforts to cut costs and are improperly classifying workers as independent.