Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

I just read an article that stated that brand loyalty is dead. The author reasons that the internet makes everything more transparent, therefore, failures are more visible.  The author argues that people have product loyalty, but no longer brand loyalty. Brand conveyed an image of stability, of wealth or status, etc., but given comments, ratings and reviews on the web, we should no longer count on our brand mattering.

So what does this mean to staffing? What does this mean to your employment brand as a company hiring? If one were to agree with the premise, it means that staffing companies are only as good as its last placement and a company is only as good as its last hire. That is a hard reality to accept, but it’s probably true. If we have a bad placement, it is likely that the corporation where you made the placement, might think, wow, what was staffing company “x” thinking, I think staffing company “y” might do better. If we have a challenge with an employee sites like Glassdoor are happy to have ex-employees spew about what they didn’t like about your company. And trust me, candidates are reviewing the comments on Glassdoor before accepting your offers.

Can marketing help with any of this? I have long suggested that HR and Procurement teams work with Marketing to help with recruitment. I also think that staffing companies can use the help of marketing when working with placements. How? Let’s first talk about what makes temps say a staffing firm is great or a bad firm to temp for. According to a survey done by Staffing Industry Analysts, 22% of temps surveyed stated that they were dissatisfied with the communications they receive from staffing firms. Stated differently, 1/5 of temps that were placed can be detractors to your business. Marketing can help with this.

It is relatively easy for marketing to create a list of all active temps, by job category and send them an email once per week that says a couple of things:

  1. That you care about them
  2. A listing of job openings that you have
  3. How they can apply for future work
  4. Tips on communicating with their recruiter
  5. Training tips for the next job

By having the lists segmented by job category, the tips, job openings, etc. will be relevant to the temp. The needs of developers are different than the needs of structural engineers. As are the needs of nurses versus radiology techs. Relevance is really important in these emails. If they aren’t relevant, they aren’t going to get read.

Another way that marketing can help is by understanding the challenges that the temps face at the client companies. Marketing can help with short surveys so that you understand what is going on in client organizations and you are getting relevant feedback. These surveys can be launched on mobile devices so that temps can simply answer a couple of questions on their mobile phone.

Your product are the candidates that you place every day. They are the key to your product loyalty and if something goes wrong, people will know.


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