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Tested strategies for contingent workforce engagement

15 May 2015

Contingent worker engagements are varied and complex. Requests, sourcing, selection, onboarding, assignment management, offboarding, payrolling and independent contractors. Do you know what the tested strategies and best practices are when it comes to these critical areas?  

Different strokes: Business units may require their own CW rules

13 May 2015

Some think it would be easiest to apply one set of rules to all stakeholders in the program, but such a stance could hinder your program's success.

Importance of a competitive engagement brand

13 May 2015

Companies spend a lot of effort building an employer brand for their traditional workforce, but fail to consider doing so for contingent workers.

An I-9 compromise for staffing buyers: Right of inspection

13 May 2015

As we reported last week, staffing suppliers can’t forward copies of I-9 forms to buyers of staffing services, but there may be another solution you could pursue.

Human cloud not staffing's death knell, helps legacy businesses

13 May 2015

Investments from seasoned staffing firms validate the online work arrangement business model itself. Considered by some pundits a passing fad, is it difficult to ignore them given the kind of investments being made by industry leaders.

Need Buy-in? Speak to customer wants and needs

13 May 2015

Practicing empathy can be difficult, because you have to step outside your comfort zone to understand someone else’s point of view. But it’s essential to exercising influence and obtaining support for your agenda. Learn more on the HBR Network.

How great leaders guide teams to the summit — Staffing Stream

12 May 2015

Pick your expedition leader or manager carefully — it is the single most important factor in determining your success, either on the mountain or in the workplace.

Advantage to acquire Minneapolis-based staffing provider

12 May 2015

Advantage Resourcing America plans to acquire Atterro Inc., which operates several staffing brands including the Technical ProSource brand for IT staffing.

First Tek buys IT staffing firm for $7.55 million in bankruptcy auction

12 May 2015

First Tek Inc. acquired the assets of IT staffing provider Cloudeeva in a bankruptcy auction for $7.55 million.

Elance-oDesk launches new platform, name

12 May 2015

Online staffing provider Elance-oDesk relaunched as Upwork. The move includes a new freelance talent platform.