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2015 Europe Staffing Company Survey: Initial Findings

8 October 2015

  • 76 unique staffing firms share their opinions
  • Benchmark measures, assignment lengths, RFP metrics
  • Outsourcing and social media use
  • Tenure discounts, operational structure, resume submittals/interviews

Why ‘de facto employment’ matters to a growing CW management program

7 October 2015

When successful contingent workforce (CW) management programs grow beyond their initial borders, understanding the risk of “de facto employment” is as critical as understanding the language differences and business culture of the new global markets you are expanding into. 

‘The biggest challenge, period, is adoption’

7 October 2015

Contingent workforce managers face their share of challenges in getting the job done. For the topic of the week, we asked “what is the single biggest challenge facing CW managers?” 

EU court tosses EU-US safe harbor agreement

7 October 2015

Europe’s top court ruled against an agreement that has allowed companies to move people’s digital data between the European Union and the United States, leaving businesses with operations in both regions in legal limbo.

OSHA: Staffing buyers in auto parts, meat processing face fines

7 October 2015

A judge affirmed citations and increased fines issued to an auto parts manufacturer after a temp suffered amputations; separately, a meat processing plant faces fines for failure to train temps about hazardous chemicals.

Create value out of your data

7 October 2015

Data analytics can be used for so much more than what many companies are currently doing. John Healy, VP and managing director of KellyOCG, writes about what you and your staffing providers can do to create more value out of data and powerful analytics in Staffing Industry Review.


Selling high: Get top dollar for your staffing firm

6 October 2015

With demand for acquisitions outstripping supply, there may never be a better time for owners to get top dollar when they sell their staffing firms.

TRU Staffing Partners’ acquisition yields new cybersecurity division

6 October 2015

TRU Staffing Partners, a New York-based search firm serving the legal technology industry, acquired Kennett Group and launched a new division, TRU Cyber, to provide cybersecurity, data privacy and information security staffing.

Why candidates turn down offers — Staffing Stream

6 October 2015

In today’s candidate-driven market, competition is fierce and hiring managers are seeing more rejected job offers than previous years. What can do to increase your success rate?

Sonoma Consulting acquires StrategyHire

6 October 2015

Illinois based-Sonoma Consulting Inc., an IT consulting and executive search firm, acquired StrategyHire, a technology recruiting and solutions provider based on the East Coast.