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Check job titles, descriptions, to bring in better talent

25 February 2015

Job titles tend to vary even within the same organization, but it’s important to program health that they be standardized. Here’s one way to tackle it. 

Data: Are you asking the right questions?

25 February 2015

Businesspeople love data, but few know how to get what they really need out of it. Do you? 

Are freelancers the face of the workforce of the future?

25 February 2015

Best-selling author, speaker and futurist Jacob Morgan spoke with Editor and Publisher Subadhra R. Sriram about the future of work. Read what he has to say in Staffing Industry Review and what you need to do to future-proof your organization.

Canadian employers responsible for temp workers’ safety

25 February 2015

Canada has expanded companies’ health and safety responsibilities toward temp and unpaid workers under the Stronger Workplaces for a Stronger Economy Act, according to Workplace Safety & Prevention Services. Here’s what you need to know.

Benchmarks: Supplier management trends

25 February 2015

Which vendor management strategies are the most popular?

Apple ends third-party recruitment fees at foreign factories

24 February 2015

Apple Inc. announced it will no longer allow foreign contract workers at suppliers’ factories abroad to be charged recruitment fees. 

The Buzz: Recruiting Remix

23 February 2015

New mobile apps blends career and education.

The Other Side: Beating the Catch-22

23 February 2015

Staffing firms help grads get work experience, but need to improve service.

Perspective: Think Again

23 February 2015

Why almost everything you thought you knew about staffing is wrong.

Power Seller: Planting Seeds

23 February 2015

Putting the client first will automatically yield more sales, short and long term.