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Who Will Own Candidate Data?

20 February 2013

The amount of data available about candidates is continually growing, and the collection, processing and retention of it is an important issue for contingent workforce managers and suppliers.

Failure To Rehire After Injury Could Raise Costs

20 February 2013

A recent court decision out of Tennessee illustrates that workers’ compensation costs may increase when an employee is not returned to work, write attorneys Chuck Palmer and Douglas Selky in The Staffing Stream.

How Crowdsourcing Paid Off for Nabisco

20 February 2013

Julia Kirby writes about Nabisco’s success with using crowdsourcing in its “Daily Twist” marketing campaign on the Harvard Business Review Blog Network. 

Amazon Dumps Security Firm Over Contingents’ Treatment

19 February 2013

Online retailer Amazon fired a German security company following a documentary about alleged mistreatment of foreign temporary workers, the Washington Post reports.

Clients to Pay $424,000 to Workers

19 February 2013

A group of 15 Boston-area restaurants agreed to pay $424,000 in back wages and liquidated damages to 409 employees to resolve allegations the workers were underpaid by the restaurants and their staffing provider, the U.S. Department of Labor reported.

A brief look at Myanmar

14 February 2013

  • This briefing provides a brief overview of the Burmese market.
  • With information on the economy, the labour market and the law 
  • Plus links to other resources

Cost Correction, Not Savings

13 February 2013

Instead of focusing on savings, contingent workforce managers should turn their sights on cost corrections: getting the right worker at the right price. Here’s why — and how.

Bacardi Faces Fines in Temp’s Death

13 February 2013

Bacardi Bottling Corp. faces penalties of nearly $200,000 in the wake of a temporary worker’s death, OSHA reported Monday. Meanwhile, Bacardi says it has already addressed or put in place plans that resolve all safety and health matters identified by the agency.

Are You Ready to Go Global?

13 February 2013

Taking CW programs global has been a priority for a few years now, and some companies that have gone through it are sharing their experiences for others to learn. 

HP Moves to Protect Contingents in China

13 February 2013

Computer maker HP has issued guidelines for the use of student and temporary workers at its manufacturing facilities across China, mandating fair remuneration and social insurance, among other expectations.