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Joint-Employment Ruling Puts Spotlight on “Control”

1 August 2012

A recent court ruling highlighted in the July issue of Legs and Regs Advisor opened the door for broader interpretations of “control” in a joint employer environment. 

The Man Who Sold VMS

1 August 2012

Vendor management systems historically have been greatly disliked by staffing suppliers. How one man has managed to shift perceptions and carve a place for VMS. 

Blog: You Get What You Pay For

1 August 2012

Buyers of staffing services want to shave costs. We get it. There has been a recession and companies are still hurting. But when it comes to sourcing talent, pinching pennies isn’t always the best response, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in The Contingent Blog. 

Misclassification Attractive, but Costly

1 August 2012

Companies stand to save a lot by misclassifying workers as independent contractors, creating an unfair advantage over their competitors. But because it can be costly when found noncompliant, companies should be sure their staff is classified correctly. Here are some traps to avoid.

SIA Research: Contingent Workforce Manager Compensation

1 August 2012

How much are your peers making? Are you being fairly compensated? Find out in this report. Broken down by industry, skill, size, department, management level and other factors, we share what your peers are making based on the results from our recent Contingent Buyer survey. Available to CWS Council members.... More

Prioritizing Workforce Management

1 August 2012

As new jobs are falling short, there are signs that organizations are thinking more strategically about their current employees, rather than hiring new ones, writes Abby Lombardi in The Staffing Stream.

WE Legs & Regs Advisor – July 2012

31 July 2012

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris Global Network.
  • We have covered a variety of judiciary developments, from collective agreements and court rulings to employment and staffing regulations.
  • Data has been gathered from key markets across Europe. 

A Look at the Irish Temporary Workforce Environment

30 July 2012

  • Overview of the Irish legal landscape
  • Significance of collective bargaining agreements
  • Details on employers' statutory costs

By the Numbers

28 July 2012

In this month’s “By the Numbers”

  • How much annual revenue does a branch typically generate?
  • At an IT staffing branch, it’s $7.6 million
  • At an industrial staffing branch, it’s $3.1 million

See “By the Numbers” for more

The Other Side

28 July 2012

Roadside Assistance: Travel nurses look for recruiters that can support them through any crisis