Recent Updates

Ensure Compliance

27 June 2012

One way to ensure compliance in an increasingly risky world is to make everyone a risk manager, writes Grace Crickette in the Harvard Business Review. Read more here. Meanwhile, another HBR contributor, Dylan Evans, suggests that our judgment of risk is compromised.

Risk: Contract to Perm? Think Again

27 June 2012

Attorney Devora L. Lindeman warns against classifying a worker as an independent contractor as a way to test him or her out before offering a traditional employment relationship. 

2012 Contingent Buyers Survey: Initial Findings

25 June 2012

  • Read the initial finding of the the 2012 Contingent Buyers Survey
  • Results from 74 data points
  • See responses to the UK Agency Workers Regulation

A Look at the Australian Temporary Workforce Environment

21 June 2012

  • Overview of the Australian legal landscape
  • Significance of collective bargaining agreements
  • Details on employers' statutory costs

UK Tax avoidance in the Staffing Supply Chain

20 June 2012

  • Staffing firms and buyers may be impacted by HMRC action
  • Understand why
  • Know what questions to ask 

Building Best Practices into your Contingent Workforce Program

20 June 2012

  • 15 best practices for new contingent workforce programs
  • Learn how to establish a strong program brand and create meaningful policies
  • Supplier contracts and identifying rogue behavior also discussed

Strategy: Critical Skills for Managers of Hybrid Teams

20 June 2012

Contemporary managers can’t rely on book smarts; they need broader skills to lead mixed teams comprised of regular employees and contingent talent. We list five of the most important.

Risk: Does Workers' Comp Protect the Buyer from Lawsuits?

20 June 2012

In this final article meant to debunk myths that persist in the contingent workforce arena, attorneys Eric H. Rumbaugh and Mark Lotito discuss workers’ compensation and joint employment.

Risk: Contingent Worker Files Suit After Find of Racist Figurine

20 June 2012

A contingent worker at a Goodyear rubber plant in Beaumont, Texas, filed a discrimination suit against the company after finding a racist figurine inside his locker.

Costs: Legislation to Add Costs and Risks in Japan

20 June 2012

Looming changes in Japan are set to tighten the regulation of both staffing agencies and the companies that use temporary agency workers, changes that will add to the cost and risk of using contingent workers.