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Europe: Profound Changes Hit U.K. Staffing Market

5 October 2011

U.K. employers and staffing companies brace themselves for the impact of the Agency Workers Regulations, which came into effect on Oct. 1.

Perspective: Implementing a VMS with Supplier Help

5 October 2011

Converting a contingent workforce process into a vendor management system (VMS) is no small task. Neither is managing a significant change initiative. With appropriate systems, open-minded and committed customer partnerships, and consistent communication, both can be done well.

Blog: The Age of Man

5 October 2011

Contrary to conventional wisdom and cynics, workers don’t just care about money, blogs Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram. They want interesting, challenging projects. ManpowerGroup Inc. CEO Jeff Joerres revealed in a recent conversation that he is betting on the same principle. Read more in... More

White Paper Supplement

1 October 2011

  • Managing Workers’ Compensation Expense in a High Medical Inflation Environment - People 2.0
  • Loss Control - RCS
  • What happens if I am not offered a renewal? - Risk Transfer

In the Spotlight: Protect Your Brand

28 September 2011

Contingents who deal with your customers can affect your image. A branding expert discusses how treating them the right way helps protect your company's brand and bottom line.

Global: Comparing U.S. and European Temp Penetration Rates

28 September 2011

The U.S. staffing industry may be the largest in terms of revenue, but as a percent of the overall workforce, the U.S. falls short compared with most other large economies.

Because You Asked: Recruiting Overseas

28 September 2011

A readers asks for tips on what to do when engaging an overseas staffing and recruiting firm.

Legal Eagle: No Retroactive Benefits for Misclassified ICs

28 September 2011

Reclassifying independent contractors as employees may not result in the need to make retroactive benefits payments, according to a recent court ruling.

By the Numbers

27 September 2011

  • 14 occupations with extreme skill shortages
  • What skill do a majority of the fastest-growing staffing firms provide?
  • What kinds of staffing firms do acquirers want to buy?

Expert’s Corner

27 September 2011

Lost in the Crowd: Ways to succeed in an MSP world