Recent Updates

Center Stage

2 February 2012

Laser focus: The Jacobson Group specializes in the insurance industry and recently introduced a standalone RPO.

The Wild Wild East

1 February 2012

We take a look at the unorganized but growing staffing industry in India. A new lobbying body is soon to be announced; plus an interview with the CEO of a 5,000-strong IT staffing and solutions firm.

Command a High Valuation

1 February 2012

Everything you do is for one sole purpose: to increase your firm’s value. Here are some key variables that directly affect that — and how to improve them.

Hiring Hub

1 February 2012

Centralizing the recruiting process is becoming a more common trend in the staffing industry. Who’s doing it and why?

Destination RPO

1 February 2012

Recruitment process outsourcing is an appealing option for staffing firms. Here’s what you need to know before jumping in.

Recruiter’s Anatomy

1 February 2012

It takes a certain skill set and personality to succeed in this field. Here we outline some common traits of successful recruiters.

Research Report: Out of time

1 February 2012

Majority of large customers use term limits.

Benefit of Counsel

1 February 2012

Can you pass it on? Staffing firms share background checks with clients — within parameters.

You Ask, We Answer

1 February 2012

What about E-Verify? 50% of staffing buyers say they don’t require it.

UK Government Spending on Temporary Staff

1 February 2012

  • The report sets out details of central governments spending on temporary staff.
  • Key findings include the monthly total amount they are spending.
  • Details of the Department whose spending dwarfs all others.