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Behind the News: Brace Yourself, Pay Rates Will Increase

16 May 2011

Staffing Industry Analysts, the publisher of this newsletter, tracks in its monthly pulse survey what is more challenging for staffing firms: recruiting or sales. In the March survey, 54 percent of companies across all staffing sectors found recruiting to be more challenging than sales, up from 22 percent... More

Heard on the Street: A One-Stop Shop

16 May 2011

Imagine one vendor that can provide a gamut of services, like MSP, RPO, VMS and compliance. Does that sound far-fetched? Some experts out there don’t think it is. “We’re seeing a consolidated format of talent acquisition strategies. We do have clients coming to us with these requests,” says Andrew... More

Ask The Procurement Guy: Moving SOW

16 May 2011

Many companies are considering incorporating statement of work (SOW) spend into their programs. In 2009, everyone was concerned about cost savings. In 2010 it was about expanding globally. This year, everyone is interested in risk mitigation and SOW. We, however, are not sure if it is for the right move... More

Behind the News: Staffing Agencies Are Being Sued in Germany

4 May 2011

Temporary workers are taking staffing agencies to court in Germany, following a December 2010 ruling of Germany's highest labor court (BAG) that rendered null and void the collective bargaining agreements signed by staffing agencies with the Christian Unions (CGZP).

In the Spotlight: People Are Not Commodities

4 May 2011

This issue of CWS30 features Sanjay Shah, senior director of workforce management at Automatic Data Processing Inc., a $26 billion provider of business outsourcing solutions including HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration. Headquartered in Roseland, N.J., the company has a $100 million plus contingent... More

Legal Eagle: Access to the Worksite

4 May 2011

Contract workers have gained a new type of worksite access following a March ruling by the National Labor Relations Board. As a result, companies should review their rules and policies regarding conduct on the property and access to the site by off-duty employees, non-employees and their contractor's... More

Benchmarks: Are SOW Consultants Incorporated Into Your CW Program?

4 May 2011

In our 2010 Contingent Buyer Survey, we asked respondents whether or not SOW (statement of work) consultants are incorporated into their contingent workforce program. More than one-third of respondents noted that such incorporation is in place today.

Feature: Managing SOW consultants

4 May 2011

There are key differences between engaging temps and consultants. The differentiating factor lies in the management of the work product and daily direction. Is the company or the supplier assuming the risk for properly completing the work product? In an SOW arrangement, the supplier delivers services... More

Independent Contractors: The European Landscape

4 May 2011

A webinar presentation in association with the Ius Laboris Global Alliance looking at the risks and opportunities of working with Independent Contactors. The webinar covers the differences between salaried employees and self-employed contractors and provide attendees with list of "do's" and... More

By the Numbers

3 May 2011

  • Number of office/clerical temps in the U.S.?
  • How do temps find a recruiter?
  • What percentage of large buyers are using a vendor management system?