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Defining Independent Contractors in Organization Staffing

14 May 2013

Independent contractors can play a critical role in organizational staffing when hired and handled correctly, writes Traci Kingery on the BrightMove blog. Misclassifying those working as employees as contractors is a simple mistake with a complicated resolution.

Natural Selection: The Growth Of Professional Services, Temp Staffing

14 May 2013

Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram ponders the changing landscape of the staffing industry, with more options opening up for buyers of contingent labor in The Contingent Blog.

Avoiding Negative Effects of Policy Changes

8 May 2013

The effects of sequester-related FAA budget cuts on air travel bring to mind consequences of companies’ policy changes on the contingent workforce program.

The Perfect Program

8 May 2013

If you were to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, and were to create the perfect contingent workforce program, what would it look like?

Contingents Sue Pizza Maker, Staffing Firm

8 May 2013

A supplier of take-and-bake pizzas to Wal-Mart and its staffing firm have been sued by contingent workers seeking three years’ worth of unpaid wages and overtime.

Manage Your Contingent Workforce Efficiently

8 May 2013

There are eight steps you and your staffing provider can take to manage your contingent workforce more efficiently, writes Chirag Mehta, founder and CEO of NextCrew, in The Staffing Stream.

Shared Co-Employment Burdens

8 May 2013

Attorney Janette Levey Frisch explores six areas where contingent workforce buyers and staffing firms can trip up with regard to co-employment in Staffing Industry Review magazine.

Canada: PM Defends Changes to Foreign Worker Program

8 May 2013

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the government has been acting on problems with the temporary foreign worker program for more than a year, in response to accusations the government was hiding information and denying that it wasn't working properly, CBC News reports. Canadian... More

SIA Webinar: Creative CW Management Strategies

8 May 2013

Program managers from innovative companies share their cutting-edge contingent workforce management strategies in this webinar replay. 

How to Handle Early End-of-Assignment Requests

1 May 2013

When a manager asks asks for an early termination of a contingent worker’s assignment due to performance issues, try taking extra steps to see if the assignment and relationship can be salvaged.