Recent Updates

Court Dismisses Worker’s Suit Against Buyer, Supplier

22 August 2012

A federal lawsuit against Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. and staffing firm Qualitech Maintenance Inc. filed by a worker in Texas has been dismissed at the request of the plaintiff, according to court documents.

Using Economic Forecasts in Workforce Planning

22 August 2012

Many contingent workforce managers are responsible for forecasting the temporary staffing demand of their organizations, a task that is challenging in the face of economic uncertainties. Ben Walker writes in The Staffing Stream how to combine internal factors with national economic forecasts to... More

Focus on IC Misclassification to Continue

22 August 2012

A Department of Labor representative told members of the American Bar Association that federal and state agencies’ focus on independent contractor misclassification will continue, so employers should review their practices carefully, according to a post on the Southwest Shingle Blog.

How the Best Companies Hire

22 August 2012

The quality of people you hire affects every measure of performance — sales, product development and partner relations, writes J.J. Colao on Here’s how three of the most successful companies handle the process.

CW Program Management: In-house or Outsource?

22 August 2012

One of the first decisions in building a contingent workforce program is whether to manage your program internally or outsource much of the responsibility to an external managed service provider (MSP). This report, available to members of the CWS Council, will help you make the... More

Clinical/Scientific Staffing market update 2012

21 August 2012

  • Ranking of the Top 25 firms providing Clinical/Scientific staffing services in Europe.
  • A list of over 80 suppliers operating in the European Clinical/Scientific market.
  • Employment and economic indicators for the European pharmaceutical industry.

Going it Alone: Building an Internally Run CW Program

17 August 2012

  • Tips for building an internally run CW program
  • To mandate or not to mandate?
  • What will your customers expect from your program?

Internal Recruiting of Contingents

17 August 2012

  • Pros and cons of using internal recruiters vs. staffing agencies
  • Examples of companies using internal recruiters
  • How internal recruiting can fit in both simple and complex CW programs

Buyer Mistakes: The No-Contact MSP Program

15 August 2012

While it once made sense to prohibit staffing suppliers from contact with hiring managers, buyers should rethink that policy, argues former procurement professional Bryan Peña.

Online Staffing: A Viable Choice

15 August 2012

Despite recent hype about online staffing, large corporations have not hopped on the online staffing bandwagon. But the model online staffing model can be a good choice for acquiring quality contingent labor.