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News: Eye on Japan

11 January 2012

A spate of acquisitions by large staffing providers point to a growing interest in the Japanese market — and Asia-Pacific as a whole.

U.K.: Providers Brace Themselves for Next Major Legislative Change

11 January 2012

After making considerable changes to their internal processes to comply with the Agency Workers Regulations, U.K. staffing agencies are preparing for another piece of far-reaching and potentially costly employment reform.

Peek Under the Hood: What CW Managers Might Ask Siri

11 January 2012

Contributing writer Jim Lanzalotto imagines how the iPhone’s Siri would respond to CW-related questions.

Around the Web: Training; Arbitration, Diversity

11 January 2012

Who’s job is it to train workers: the company that will benefit from their new skills or the government hoping to boost local employment?; NLRB rules on mandatory arbitration; Companies jump further on the diversity bandwagon by appointing chief diversity officers.

In the Spotlight: Outsourcing Noncore Jobs

4 January 2012

If a job is not core to your company, it can be outsourced, says the author of The Birth of a New Workforce

Temp Sues Studio for Late Pay

4 January 2012

A temporary stagehand is suing a studio after the staffing provider that assigned him failed to pay him and other temps on time.

News: New Year, New Regulations

4 January 2012

The new year brings with it a number of regulatory changes that could affect your contingent workforce program.

Blog: Only Dinosaurs Don’t Use Temps

4 January 2012

If your company isn’t using contingents or talking about the best workforce mix, it’s outmoded and in trouble, writes Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram in the Contingent Blog.

Welcome to CWS 3.0

4 January 2012

Welcome to CWS 3.0, a new name for a new year. We strive to continue to provide cutting-edge content in this fast-changing world. This publication will keep you informed and help you stay ahead of your competition. Stay Tuned.

By the Numbers

27 December 2011

  • Buyers rank least expensive type of contingent labor and which has highest quality
  • What are buyers plans with respect to use of agency temps
  • Percentage of buyers have programs to encourage use of diversity suppliers