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Valid or void? Charting the potential potholes of indemnity agreements

14 January 2015

Indemnity agreements are common elements in contracts between companies and their staffing providers. Done right, they make sense, but overbroad terms can render the contract void. 

Staffing buyer fined after contingent disabled in workplace accident

14 January 2015

A water bottling plant in Florida was fined $84,000 by the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration following an accident that permanently disabled a contingent worker. 

Tech solutions used to support the RPO process

14 January 2015

In a recent survey of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers, we asked what technology solutions they use to support the RPO process. 

Data breach? Watch out.

14 January 2015

Organizations that breach regulations relating to data protection and privacy, watch out. It’s not just costly civil penalties that companies are incurring; severe criminal sanctions are also being levied against organizations that breach these laws.

2015 trends: Employers face more litigation

14 January 2015

From independent contractor status to exempt/non status to wage and hour, employers should brace themselves for increased litigation in 2015, writes Daniel Fisher on

European Legs and Regs Advisor December 2014

13 January 2015

  • Read our latest legal update in association with the Ius Laboris network
  • We have covered a variety of judicial developments, including labour reforms and court rulings
  • Data has been gathered from across Europe 

Overcoming Candidate Resistance to Social Security Number requests — Staffing Stream

12 January 2015

The relationship between recruiter and candidate can be slightly disturbed when it comes to this sensitive information.

TSR revenue rises 19.5%

12 January 2015

TSR Inc. (NASD: TSRI) reported revenue rose 19.5% to $14.5 million in its fiscal second quarter.

Work Market names new CEO

12 January 2015

Work Market today announced Stephen DeWitt joined the company in late December as CEO.

IT staffing provider Diversant names Kelly exec as COO

12 January 2015

Diversant LLC, a New Jersey-based IT staffing provider, appointed Jim Yoshimura as chief operating officer.