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You get what you pay for: When ‘cheap’ labor becomes too costly

16 September 2015

Too much focus on cost reductions will result in lower satisfaction levels.

A go-to VMS integration reference: Read the experts’ guide to best practices

16 September 2015

What if you had a guide to steer you in the right direction for a successful VMS integration?

BMW to pay $1.6 million in contract worker background check suit

16 September 2015

BMW agreed to a $1.6 million settlement in an EEOC lawsuit claiming background checks discriminated against African American contract workers.

Legislators seek to undo NLRB ‘joint employer’ decision

16 September 2015

Republican lawmakers introduced legislation to roll back the National Labor Relations Board’s decision that expanded the definition of joint employment.

‘Making temps feel like they are a stepchild is actually more dangerous’

16 September 2015

In this first installment of our new topic of the week series, we asked Southwest Airlines’ people department Senior Manager Greg Muccio what is the best way to keep contingent workers engaged?

How complex is the market you want to expand to?

16 September 2015

Organizations considering expanding their CW programs to other countries need to consider the complexity of the market in which they hope to set up. But how do you know where to start?

Europe Trends in Supplier Management Strategies

15 September 2015

  • Using an approved list of suppliers ranked as the most common supplier management strategy
  • Sixty-seven percent of buyers surveyed use a VMS, 67% use MSP
  • VMS and MSP use was positively correlated with buyer size

Global Oil & Gas Directory

14 September 2015

  • This directory provides full records for over 45 staffing firms that provide staffing services to the Oil & Gas segment. 
  • Some firms provide services in just one market while others supply Oil & Gas workers in up to 50+ countries. 
  • All information was provided directly by the... More

2015 Most Complex Staffing Markets Globally

11 September 2015

  • 55 different staffing markets assessed across six Continents.
  • Complex markets identified among both emerging and established staffing markets.
  • Italy is ranked the most complex staffing market at the moment, followed by Brazil. 

Pricing Statement-of-Work Engagements: Models, Strategies & Tactics

8 September 2015

  • Compare the value proposition of SOW projects and managed services vs staff aug and outsourcing
  • Understand the four common pricing models and type of engagement to which each is best suited
  • Explore strategic considerations for pricing and sourcing of SOW projects and services