Recent Updates

Trends in Online Staffing and FMS

23 September 2015

  • Awareness of online staffing increased from 39% to 63%
  • Use of online staffing spiked upward from 6% to 17%
  • Sixty percent of buyers were familiar with FMS
  • Eleven percent of buyers reported using FMS

Program policies and business rules: Don’t assume everyone knows they exist

23 September 2015

When you get a last-minute, emergency onboarding request, ask yourself if the hiring manager is defying the program rules or simply didn't know about them.

QECR Performance Framework: A strategic CW program management model

23 September 2015

The Certified Contingent Workforce Professional program regularly discusses the importance of understanding the difference between program performance and program maturity (capability). 

New bill would ‘Ban the Box’ for federal contractors

23 September 2015

Proposed legislation would prohibit federal contractors and federal agencies from asking job applicants about their criminal history until an applicant receives a conditional offer of employment.

Workplace deaths among contractors continue to rise

23 September 2015

The number of contractors killed in workplace accidents rose for the third year in 2014, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Building an RFP: ‘Be very clear and inclusive’

23 September 2015

For this week’s topic of the week, we asked Kanita Harris, category manager, human resources, at Halliburton: “What is the most important single thing when putting together an RFP?”

Vermont to join feds against IC misclassification

23 September 2015

Vermont has become the 26th state to partner with the US Department of Labor to combat the misclassification of workers as independent contractors.

2015 Contingent Buyers Survey - Europe - Initial Insights

22 September 2015

  • Survey results from 89 Europe contingent buyers
  • 33 questions including assignment length, MSP use, and many others

UK Professional Recruitment Trends August / September 2015

17 September 2015

  • This report provides the latest insights on the UK professional recruitment market
  • Hiring trends for both permanent employees and temporary staff in UK
  • Compare with the trends for on-line jobs
  • Report also features the latest salary trends
  • Includes a labour market monitor which covers... More

You get what you pay for: When ‘cheap’ labor becomes too costly

16 September 2015

Too much focus on cost reductions will result in lower satisfaction levels.