Kirsten Hastings


Kirsten Hastings

Kirsten Hastings is a multilingual journalist and research analyst at Staffing Industry Analysts’ London office. She is responsible for managing the Daily News as online editor and producer, covering stories on European and global labour markets. Kirsten monitors and writes about legal issues, companies, financial markets, and economic trends. She is also the author of several research reports. Before joining Staffing Industry Analysts in June 2013, Kirsten attained an MA (Hons) in History with German from the University of Dundee and an MSc in Financial Journalism from the University of Stirling. Kirsten’s understanding of the industry stems in part from the five years she worked as a temporary worker prior to joining Staffing Industry Analysts.

Recent Articles

Recruiting agents versus consultants: Why the difference matters

22 October 2014

Since the Great Recession, the ranks of recruiting agents seem to have swelled, though their tactics can be a turn-off to candidates. How are you being represented?

European Q2 Results - 2014

20 October 2014

  • Discover how listed staffing firms performed in Q2 2014.
  • Find out about activity levels and how turnover and net income have evolved.
  • See how the largest staffing firms fared.

Skills shortages drive workforce automation

15 October 2014

When Henry Ford designed the first moving assembly line in 1913, some wondered what would happen to the people who used to do those jobs. Now, companies are looking for more ways to automate as skills shortages are driving costs upward.

UK politicians draw battle lines around employment market

8 October 2014

The UK employment market has become the latest battleground for politicians campaigning ahead of the UK general elections in May 2015. The three main political parties have held their annual conferences and drawn their respective battle lines — with mixed reactions.

When temporary workers strike

1 October 2014

Disputes and unrest among temporary workers have been in the global news of late. Find out why.

European News Report September 2014

30 September 2014

Missed the news last month? Here is a quick overview of what happened in the staffing industry and the labour markets across Europe. Browse news by region and keep up to date with the latest financial reports, market trends and employment data. 

Save money … hire women?

24 September 2014

Earlier this week, an Australian entrepreneur caused a Twitter backlash by suggesting companies could save money by hiring women instead of men. 

Japan’s largest staffing company announces billion-dollar listing

17 September 2014

In a move that is expected to significantly impact the global staffing market, Recruit Holdings, the largest staffing company in Japan and fifth largest in the world, announced it will list on the Tokyo Stock Exchange next month.

Financial Results Calendar 2014

15 September 2014

  • See how your competitors or suppliers are faring
  • Provides a spreadsheet you can upload into Outlook
  • All future events listed will be covered in the Daily News 
  • All past events are linked to articles published in the Daily News

The impact of the Scottish independence referendum on jobs

10 September 2014

On Sept. 18, Scotland will vote on whether or not to break away from the U.K. Results in favor of separation could bring significant changes to the Scottish labor market.