November 6, 2013


The case against the traditional hourly billings; How to know the strategic value of your contingent workforce.

The Dawn of Productivity-Based Billing

6 November 2013

The traditional bill-by-the-hour approach to services is a relic of a dying economic age.

Beyond Tactical: Take the Program to the Next Level

6 November 2013

A significant component of an organizations workforce is contingent, so program owners need to consider how this workforce can solve strategic enterprise objectives.

Buyer, Staffing Firm Face Fines in Temp’s Heat Death

6 November 2013

A ship repair company and a staffing firm face fines in the death of a temporary worker who died from excessive heat while working on a Navy ship in July, OSHA announced.

VMS/MSP Prove Contentious at Healthcare Staffing Summit

6 November 2013

Contingent buyers in the healthcare industry are among the last to adopt vendor management systems and managed service providers, and many staffing suppliers have concerns about their use.

The Deck Is Stacked in Favor of the ‘Skilled’ Worker

6 November 2013

We’ve all heard the stories about how hard it is to get talent and how there’s a war raging for these qualified professionals — qualified being the key word. Qualified professionals have their pick of jobs globally and are looking for very specific opportunities, writes Editorial Director... More

Staffing Stream: You’re in it Together

6 November 2013

Your workforce is one of your most valuable assets, but sometimes, finding strategic staff is difficult. Developing a partnership with a staffing agency can help you succeed, writes SprocketRPO General Manager John Kennedy in The Staffing Stream. 

US Casts Wider Net in Visa Probes

6 November 2013

Following its settlement with India-based Infosys over visa misuse allegations, the U.S. is investigating other companies for possible similar violations, The Economic Times reports.

SIA Research: Lexicon of CW Terms

6 November 2013

In contingent workforce management, making sure you, your suppliers and your team are on the same page is critical. Staffing Industry Analysts’ Lexicon of Contingent Workforce Related Terms, updated this week to include many new terms as we expand our coverage globally, is the tool to ensure you are... More