October 10, 2012


Managing a program inhouse or outsource: the advantages of each model; California law takes aim at warehouse temporary staffing contracts. 

You Say Po-Tay-Toe, I say Po-Tah-Toe

10 October 2012

Is it best to outsource your contingent workforce managed service program or keep it inhouse? Last week, Editorial Director Subadhra R. Sriram shared the disadvantages of each model. This week, she shares the advantages in The Contingent Blog.

California Law Targets Warehouse Staffing Contracts

10 October 2012

A new law in California takes aim at staffing contracts in the warehouse industry, prohibiting contracts at warehouses where a contractor knows or should know that there are insufficient funds to comply with basic labor laws, such as wages.

Vietnam to Allow Employee Subleasing

10 October 2012

In this second article addressing changing legislation in Asia, we focus on Vietnam, where a new law going into effect next year addresses a hybrid form of temporary staffing and labor outsourcing.

Suppliers Can Succeed Through VMS/MSP

10 October 2012

Tim Keefe of CH2M Hill debunks the perception that it is nearly impossible for staffing suppliers to develop a strong and long-term relationship with a vendor management system/managed service program in Staffing Industry Review magazine.

Teaching for the Future: Closing Skills Gap

10 October 2012

A Minneapolis community college’s accelerated training program could serve as a national model to help employers needing skilled workers quickly and put many jobless Americans back to work quickly, USA Today reports

Workers Sue After Positions Shift to Staffing Firm

10 October 2012

The Boston Globe reports workers sued a food service firm after it allegedly told them to reapply for their jobs through a temporary employment agency that would not provide health insurance or other benefits they had received as direct employees. 

CW Programs, Prices Starting at ….

10 October 2012

That aggressively priced service-level agreement from a managed service provider may be tempting, but it may not be in your best interest to accept it, writes Gary Campbell in The Staffing Stream.

SIA Research: Lexicon of Contingent Workforce Terms

10 October 2012

One of the major challenges facing contingent workforce program managers is ensuring that a common language is used when conducting business. To help alleviate the issue, Staffing Industry Analysts created a set of working definitions for contingent workforce management. Click here for the... More