May 23, 2012


A software giant buys a vendor management system provider for $4.3 billion; What you can learn from your supplier’s gross margin.

Software Giant to Buy VMS Provider Ariba

23 May 2012

Business software giant SAP AG yesterday announced plans to buy vendor management system provider Ariba Inc. in $4.3 billion deal.

What Your Supplier’s Gross Margin Can Tell You

23 May 2012

Most contingent workforce programs track metrics like suppliers’ time-to-fill and turnover rates, but there’s another metric that would be good to track: the supplier’s gross margin

Contingents’ Concerns Prompt City Proposal

23 May 2012

Contingent workers’ concerns prompted one city to consider a new policy that would affect contingent workforce buyers in the hotel industry.

Blog: Honoring Innovative Contingent Workforce Programs

23 May 2012

We will be honoring innovative contingent workforce programs that make a difference at this year’s CWS Summit. While contingent workforce programs have gained visibility in boardrooms, sophistication and practices vary when it comes to how they are managed, writes Editorial Director... More

How to Plug the Skills Gap

23 May 2012

Focus more on culture and less on the perfect skills match, writes James Marshall Crotty on Software and training can help fill in the skills gap. Read about it here.