May 2, 2012


All stakeholders need to know the issues involved in sending workers abroad; Why buyers should pay attention to their providers' other business deals.

Temporary Commuter Assignments

2 May 2012

Companies that post workers to foreign locations need to be sure that all departments involved pay close attention to the legal and regulatory issues that accompanies temporary commuter assignments.

Why Your Suppliers' Deals Should Matter

2 May 2012

ManpowerGroup’s recently announced $400 million RPO deal is just one of several contract-related announcements made recently. How do these affect the buyer of staffing services?

Employers’ Tax Wedge Rises Worldwide

2 May 2012

The percent of employment-related taxes rose throughout much of the world, according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Proposed Bill: Workers Are Presumed Employees

2 May 2012

A proposed bill in Rhode Island defines “independent contractor” by presuming that a worker is an employee unless certain conditions are met.