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Who We Serve

Who We Serve

As the global research and advisory firm focused on staffing and workforce solutions, SIA informs, connects and elevates the workforce solutions ecosystem. Serving the entire ecosystem, SIA helps professionals to achieve better business outcomes and makes the world of work, work better.

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Staffing Firms

SIA’s extensive research and analysis, comprehensive industry news, impactful editorial content, premier events, accredited training, and tailored offerings give staffing firms the superior business intelligence they need.

Equipped with essential insights, staffing firms of all sizes are able to make better informed decisions that accelerate growth and drive success.

SIA’s Corporate Membership for staffing firms extends access to SIA’s world-class expertise, knowledge and data, including exclusive access to research and reports such as annual rankings, surveys, forecasts, legal updates, market overviews, benchmarks and detailed analyses of economic trends, technologies and services.

Who we serve - staffing firms
Contingent Workforce Management Professionals/Buyers

For contingent workforce management professionals, SIA’s independent research and analysis, trusted advisory, global news and editorial, inspiring events, recognized industry certification, and unparalleled peer networking deepen competencies around the engagement and management of contingent labor.

SIA empowers workforce management professionals in their contingent workforce programs and practices, allowing them to develop new talent strategies, realize efficiencies, implement cost-savings, and navigate risk. SIA’s Contingent Workforce Strategies (CWS) Council Membership delivers full access to SIA’s world-class expertise, knowledge and data and supports professionals in achieving new levels of success for their contingent workforce programs. 

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Workforce Solutions Suppliers

SIAs’s leading research and analysis, news and editorial, and events and training enable suppliers to stay well-informed and on the frontiers of the staffing and workforce solutions ecosystem. Through SIA’s Strategic Solutions, suppliers to staffing companies and suppliers to businesses and enterprise organizations utilizing contingent talent are better prepared to serve their customers, connect with new ones, and advance the future of contingent work.

SIA’s Corporate Membership assists workforce solutions suppliers in driving innovation and efficiencies, and in understanding the rapid and constant change impacting the ecosystem. We also provide extensive opportunities for you to share your solutions and demonstrate your value as a provider.

Workforce Solutions Suppliers
Additional Organizations

SIA’s global reach extends beyond staffing firms, contingent workforce management professionals, and workforce solutions suppliers.

Analysts, investors, private equity firms, management consulting companies, government agencies, public sector organizations, nonprofit entities and academic institutions all benefit from SIA’s timely insights, crucial perspectives and unparalleled staffing and contingent labor market data. Through SIA’s Corporate Membership, the world’s investors and thought leaders have access to the largest repository of investor-ready data in the staffing and workforce solutions ecosystem.

Who we serve - additional organisations