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Industry Partners

Industry Partners

SIA has built long-lasting global partnerships with leading organizations that have the expertise, knowledge and unique solutions to add value for our members. We are proud to partner with these organizations. 

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Butler Street Partner logo
Butler Street

Butler Street is the staffing industry’s most recognized consulting, training, and research firm focusing on client and talent development.  From simple strategies and practical frameworks to transferable skills that transform your staffing organization, Butler Street’s training and development courses provide the most sought-after, revenue-generating skills. The team at Butler Street is comprised of experienced C-suite staffing executives whose mantra is  “We help companies and their people grow.®” 

Charted Path Partner Logo
Charted Path

Founded in 2010 by staffing industry expert Mike Cleland, Charted Path was created to assist growth-oriented staffing firms through leadership coaching and organizational development.  Charted Path’s approach enables leadership teams to both identify crucial growth opportunities and obstacles.  In addition, Charted Path collaborates with the leadership team on implementing improvements that ensure sustainable and profitable growth.  Some examples of these improvements include new market strategies and offerings, organizational road mapping, performance management systems, redefining key roles, incentive plans, and overcoming cultural challenges.

HHMC Partner Logo

HHMC’s corporate advisory team operate across Australian, New Zealand and South East Asia. Recruitment agencies seeking practical corporate outcomes have benefited from outstanding industry knowledge, M&A capability and professional advisory services. HHMC provides an experienced team with a strong practical background in executive financial and corporate management as well as corporate advisory services. 

Staffing America Latina Partner Logo
Staffing America Latina

Staffing America Latina is a unique, independent, collaborative platform specializing in Latin America’s labor markets, and focused on creating more dynamic, inclusive and formal labor markets in the region. As the meeting point for staffing companies, work providers, candidates, service companies, academics and independent professionals across Latin America,  Staffing America Latina produces and disseminates content, conducts research, and provides coverage of issues such as employability, youth employment, job and skills training, fair labor practices, private employment agencies, employment policies, public and private actions for the promotion of fair and legal work, green jobs, diverse forms of education and work, and corporate social responsibility.  Staffing America Latina’s highly experienced team draws on strong backgrounds in the staffing industry, and covers advisory services, research, and M&A activity in the region. 

World Employment Confederation Partner logo
World Employment Confederation

The World Employment Confederation is the authoritative voice of the employment industry at global level, representing labor market enablers in more than 40 countries, 6 of the largest international workforce solutions companies, and several leading regional staffing firms. Through its Affiliate Partnership offering, the World Employment Confederation is also bringing in the expertise of vendors and suppliers relevant to the employment services industry and builds a broader community of employment experts. 

The World Employment Confederation brings unique access to and engagement with international policymakers (ILO, OECD, World Bank, IMF, IOM, EU) and stakeholders (trade unions, academic world, think tanks, NGOs). It is striving for recognition and for the positive economic and social role played by the employment industry in enabling work, adaptation, security and prosperity. Its members provide access to labor markets and meaningful work for more than 50 million people around the world.