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Survey Participation

Survey Participation

Your opinions and expertise matter! Help inform the industry by sharing your perspectives with the staffing and workforce solutions ecosystem through participation in our surveys. Certain survey results are exclusively available to survey participants.

Open Surveys

Open Surveys

Discover our open surveys that are available for you to take part in. Gain valuable insights into your own company and contribute to shaping the future of the work.

US Staffing Industry Pulse Survey

The US Pulse provides a snapshot of revenue and operating trends in the US temporary staffing industry by skill sector, as well as for direct hire and retained search. It’s a quick survey to complete (about 10-15 minutes), individual company data is kept confidential, and in exchange for participation, your staffing firm will receive the complete 25+ page report with insights on revenue trends, order trends, bill rate trends, recruiting/sales difficulty, and future outlook.

The US Pulse Survey is currently conducted every other month.

Note: While we publish a short Selected Highlights version of the Pulse Report for our corporate members, the full Pulse Report is shared only with US staffing firms that fill out a survey.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Global Talent Platform Survey

This survey is open to talent platform companies only and provides valuable insights into this rapidly evolving group of technology companies that enable hirers to find and engage independent workers, typically through a digital marketplace, to complete various types of work. Primarily of a contingent nature, work can be completed remotely or onsite.

Staffing Platform as a Service Survey

Staffing Platforms as a Service (SPaaS) vendors provide “out of the box” online and mobile app-based solutions tailored for the staffing industry in order to facilitate the provision of automated/online functionality of the processes traditionally conducted by staffing firms offline. Among other things, the software enables clients and candidates to self-serve with no, or very little, human mediation. If you provide services in this business category, we invite you to participate in our annual survey. By completing our survey, you will benefit from brand exposure among SIAs global members.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Front Office Landscape Survey

This survey is restricted to vendors of front office solutions for staffing firms. Participation in this survey provides an invaluable profile for your business among SIA’s global staffing firm members and an in-depth understanding of this crucial software landscape. All vendors of full-suite front office systems are invited to participate as well as those providing more modular products. SIA defines the front office as comprising a customer relationship management module (CRM), a candidate management system or applicant tracking system (ATS) and a requisition order assignment module (ROA). In addition, workforce management as well as time and attendance collection are often included in the front office.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

Currently closed surveys

SIA’s survey insights deliver key learnings on trends and best practices to help inform your business decision making. View survey results and findings from previous surveys.

UK Staffing Industry Pulse Survey

Following the success of the US Pulse Survey, SIA has started a UK Pulse as of June 2024.

The UK Pulse provides a snapshot of turnover and operating trends in the UK temporary staffing industry. It takes about 5 minutes to complete, individual company data is kept confidential, and in exchange for participation, your staffing firm will receive the complete report with insights on turnover trends, order trends, and recruiting/sales difficulty.

The UK Pulse Survey will be conducted quarterly.

For more information, please contact [email protected].

Allied Health Benchmaking Survey

On an annual basis, SIA publishes the Allied Health Benchmarking Survey which includes metrics such as year over year allied revenue, MSP and VMS penetration, occupational and recruitment insight, and much more. All company results are confidential and only companies that participate in the survey will receive the full benchmark report. If your company is interested in participating in the 2024 report (launching around July/August) please contact Crystal Fullilove at [email protected]

Survey of Suppliers to Staffing Companies

The SIA Survey of Suppliers to Staffing Companies is conducted to gather information on trends in this essential pillar of the staffing industry.

Please contact [email protected] if you would like more information about this survey.

Best Staffing Firms to Work For

The annual Best Staffing Firms to Work For program is open to companies with 10 or more employees in North America, UK and Ireland. The best companies will be identified based on the results of an employee engagement survey of staffing firm internal employees. SIA honors winners in a variety of size categories in Staffing Industry Review magazine, on dedicated websites and all winners including the Grand Prize Winners are announced at the Executive Forum North America. Participating staffing firms receive a complimentary report on employee satisfaction and engagement.