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Strong demand for tech professionals in stagnant Vietnamese job market

Strong demand for tech professionals in stagnant Vietnamese job market

July 8, 2024
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While Vietnam’s job market is struggling overall, recruitment expert Truong Thien Kim says demand is high for data engineers, AI engineers, developers and other tech sector professionals.

Kim, Associate director of permanent recruitment services, Adecco Vietnam, said that the job situation has not improved much in the first half of 2024 despite a stable national growth of over 5% in the last few years. However, she adds that the improved economic conditions in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, this year has led to “a fair demand” for talents in sales and marketing for industrial markets as well as quality and production professionals in the manufacturing and sourcing sectors.

As such, Adecco Vietnam has seen a 5% year-on-year increase intake in several sectors, including manufacturing and export, compared to the first six months of 2023.

With Vietnam striving to become a global manufacturing hub, the demand for skilled workers in this sector is rising. Adecco Vietnam saw manufacturing recruitment in H1 2024 requests increase by 10% year-on-year. Specifically, the hiring of senior and expert roles in quality, sourcing, and process excellence in manufacturing has risen significantly. There has also been a notable increase in demand for environmental engineers, as the country focuses on becoming a green manufacturing hub, facilitating the export of made-in-Vietnam products to developed markets.

While demand for roles in the tech and financial sectors have declined by 10%, tech remains a strong driver of employment, Kim notes.

“Digital transformation is key, leading to a surge in tech-related roles across various industries. Higher demand for roles such as Data Engineers, AI Engineers, Developers, etc. is observed. With the rapid growth of AI-driven applications, concerns for data protection have also increased, paralleling the rising demand for Cybersecurity experts.”

Meanwhile, Vietnam’s Healthcare sector remains a major focus of the government’s ongoing five-year plan (2021-2025). Digitisation in both the private and public sectors has been boosted by the development of smart healthcare environments with electronic health records and electronic payments, meaning increased demand for people with the required tech.

Job opportunities in the semiconductor industry have increased due to significant investments from global giants like Intel, Samsung and Qualcomm. The growth potential in this sector is supported by the Vietnamese government’s ambitious plan to train 50,000 engineers by 2030. Adecco Vietnam notes that positions in chip design remain highly sought after, and a “war” for talents has broken out in the domestic market where demand is “very high” for qualified engineers.

The report highlights the importance of digital literacy and proficiency in technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain, which are vital for adapting to an agile market. Chuong Nguyen, National Head of Permanent Recruitment, Adecco Vietnam, adds, “Employers increasingly favour candidates with a blend of technical skills and business acumen, along with the ability to work independently using digital collaboration tools. The capacity to navigate and thrive in a rapidly changing work environment is highly valued,”