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More Australian employers require 5 days per week in office

More Australian employers require 5 days per week in office

July 10, 2024
Circular Quay

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More employers in Australia are requiring workers to be in the office, according to research by professional staffing firm Robert Half.

It found that 39% of workers in Australia say they must come into the office five days a week. The data comes from a survey of 1,000 full-time office workers in June. In comparison, a separate survey of 300 hiring managers in 2023 found that only 19% had a policy of office attendance five days per week.

“The pendulum is swinging back to prepandemic levels where working from home was an anomaly rather than an expectation,” Andrew Brushfield, director at Robert Half, said in a press release.

Overall, Robert Half reported 86% of workers this year said they had to go into the office at least one day per week. Here’s the breakdown of how often workers say they are required to come to the office:

  • Five days per week: 39%
  • Four days per week: 12%
  • Three days per week: 17%
  • Two days per week: 14%
  • One day per week: 4%
  • No mandate and complete flexibility: 14%

Robert Half’s survey also found that 79% of workers say they are satisfied with the number days they are required to go into the office. However, the higher the number of mandated in-office days, the higher the level of staff dissatisfaction.