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Boston tops list of best cities to find a job in report

Boston tops list of best cities to find a job in report

November 26, 2018

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Boston is the best city to find a job both in the United States and internationally, according to research released by relocation services provider Movinga.

The data examined economic strength and standard of living, as well as opportunities for women, young people and expats, in 100 cities. Twenty American cities make the international ranking, due to a strong job market and a booming economy. And Germany had four cities in the top 10.

The 10 best cities to find a job internationally, and their score on a scale of zero to 10, are:

  • Boston: 6.822

  • Munich, Germany: 6.814

  • Calgary, Canada: 6.787

  • Hamburg, Germany: 6.768

  • Stuttgart, Germany: 6.765

  • London: 6.762

  • Singapore: 6.741

  • Oslo, Norway: 6.674

  • Frankfurt, Germany: 6.634

  • Edinburgh, UK: 6.580

High-ranking US cities include San Diego and New York at Nos. 12 and 13 respectively, followed by Seattle at 15 and San Francisco at 19.

Additional findings include:

  • Singapore has the highest total economic strength score, in addition to the highest government effectiveness score.

  • Dubai has the highest levels of employment and is revealed to be the best location for expats and young people due to their immigration intake and expat employment rate, as well as high youth employment and a growing number of new startups. However, gender may play a part in a jobseekers’ success, as Dubai offers the worst overall opportunities for women, with the worst gender wage gap, and the lowest women’s liberty and legislation score.

  • Hong Kong has the highest GDP growth, but also the highest cost of living.

  • Berlin has the highest levels of new business registrations.

  • Boston has the highest standard of living score.

  • Monterrey has the best cost of living.

  • Boston has the highest disposable income levels.

  • Dubai has the highest total immigration score, with the highest levels of immigration.

  • Krakow and Warsaw have the highest rate of employment for expats, although it is worth noting that these cities have very low comparative immigration rates.

  • Prague has the highest level of youth employment while London has the highest level of new startups.

  • Norway offers the best opportunities for women; however, the gender wage gap is lowest in Slovenia.

  • Women’s liberty and legalization is best in Belgium, while women’s opportunity for advancement is best in Finland.

“Now, the strong dollar and booming markets mean that for the US, employment opportunities are thriving,” said Finn Age Hänsel, managing director at Movinga. “However, when you consider too that residents of the United States must also pay hefty healthcare costs, jobseekers ought to consider the implications on their overall salary and quality of life before a stateside move.”