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Australia – ICT growth leads to an increase in the contingent workforce

Australia – ICT growth leads to an increase in the contingent workforce

April 15, 2016

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The ICT sector in Australia has seen a surge in growth, which has also boosted growth in the number of professionals joining the contingent workforce, according to the latest findings of the 2015 IPro (Independent Professionals) Index with research from Monash University.

Entity Solutions, an Australian contingent workforce solutions firm states that the growing need for a more streamlined digital experience for customers has created a surge of hiring demand in the ICT sector.

According to the research, with more and more businesses moving away from traditional models for the procurement of human resources, the Digital Age and a shift towards more flexible work options are now going hand in hand.

ICT Professionals are progressively turning to the flexible working model also and are finding themselves fulfilled on the job front. Statistics from the IPro Index show that 91% of contingent workers are very proud of the work they do and 87% demonstrated enthusiasm for their job, with the majority feeling valued by their current client. The research also shows that the workers are also showing greater commitment to the organisations they are working for.

“For the IPros, they get to work on exciting and new projects,” Matthew Franceschini, a co-founder and the CEO of Entity Solutions, said.  ”They have defined periods and the key to that is that they have a goal to reach and they find that really exciting.”

The research shows that 87% of respondents experience increased satisfaction from the benefits experienced from a flexibility program. Meanwhile, 71% of respondents reported increased productivity.

“Companies are getting skilled and engaged professionals, high levels of productivity, flexibility in resource volumes and they can up and downscale as they wish,” Franceschini said.